Sagegreenlife Uses Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service & Microsoft’s Azure IoT Central to Gain Actionable Insights for More Operational Efficiency

Success Story Highlights

Challenge — Sagegreenlife creates living walls for man-made spaces, but the company can’t manage its essential irrigation systems at each site — and it doesn’t employ specialized developers who can set up remote monitoring systems.

Solution — In locations across the U.S., Sagegreenlife now uses Microsoft Azure IoT Central and Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for IoT, delivered through routers with built-in LTE, to detect and resolve issues before they affect plant health. Cradlepoint’s Edge Connector feature facilitates easy integration between Cradlepoint and Azure.

Benefits — This solution enabled Sagegreenlife to easily set up nationwide LTE connectivity and real-time dashboards to detect and resolve issues before they affect plant health. The company has been able to improve customer experience, have new insights across the organization, and scale its business on a secure, customizable platform.


Costly System Malfunctions — When irrigation systems in the living walls falter, water is misdistributed, plants are harmed, and customer spaces are damaged.

Complexity of Third-Party Maintenance — Sagegreenlife’s third-party installation and maintenance teams can’t always catch failures in time to prevent significant damage.

Uncertain Connectivity — Using WiFi or the customer’s WAN presents security risks, while wired broadband is difficult to manage across many regions with different ISPs.

Unwieldy IoT Security — Due to evolving IoT data attacks, Sagegreenlife’s customers require a “Bring Your Own Network” approach.


Sagegreenlife incorporates sensors in the irrigation systems of each living wall. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for IoT is delivered through LTE routers that securely transmit telemetry data directly to Microsoft Azure IoT Central over LTE. Through a dashboard, Sagegreenlife can measure water levels and usage in real time and identify potential problems. Cradlepoint’s Edge Connector feature enables point-andclick integration with IoT Central for a simple, comprehensive solution.


Proactive Management Driving Customer Success

Remotely monitoring its irrigation systems allows Sagegreenlife to resolve issues before plants are impacted —protecting customers’ assets.

Improved Business Operations

Sagegreenlife can seamlessly integrate its enterprise resource planning solutions, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, with Azure IoT Central. Consolidating data on a single, powerful dashboard streamlines its entire business process work flow.

More Cost Savings

With access to key information anywhere, Sagegreenlife expects to reduce service costs and improve overall operational efficiency up to 30 percent.

Scalability with Simple Setup & Management

Scaling Sagegreenlife’s business is as simple as installing sensors and adding new devices to its system — something employees can quickly do on their own. Because Cradlepoint’s solution simplifies network management, field installation teams lacking IT expertise simply have to plug the router in.

Protection Against Network Security Breaches

Cradlepoint routers encrypt data transmission, include a firewall, and leverage cellular broadband instead of the customer’s WiFi. This eliminates the risk of a third parties gaining unauthorized access to the customer’s sensitive data and infrastructure.