Uses Wireless Broadband to Give Beachgoers Real-Time View of Coastal Conditions at Famous Tourism Area

Success Story Highlights

Challenge — uses live video streaming to give community members and tourists to Galveston, Texas, the real-time weather information they need before traveling to fish, surf, or play at the popular 61st Street Fishing Pier. There’s one problem: reliable connectivity. Wired broadband isn’t available, and live video streaming requires more bandwidth than the pier’s wireless system provides.

Solution — To set up network connectivity in coastal locations where no other wired or wireless WAN link is feasible, Saltwater Recon uses Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for IoT, delivered through LTE routers. The service includes a cloud platform for remote network management and SD-Perimeter technology for end-to-end device-to-cloud security.

Benefits — With cloud-managed LTE solutions, Saltwater Recon has readily available connectivity that supports high-quality live video feeds from just about any location — ensuring a helpful service for community members and organizations alike.


With high-definition, interactive web cameras set up strategically along the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay near Galveston, Texas, Saltwater Recon live streams footage to locals and visitors who need a real-time view of coastal conditions before venturing out for boating, fishing, and general recreation excursions.

Beyond tourism, this footage — available at and Facebook Live — is valuable for local media outlets; maritime logistical companies; and government agencies such as NOAA, the U.S. Coast Guard, the National Weather Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

In many coastal locations, wired Internet connectivity is available and serves as an acceptable option for connectivity and transport. However, what about locations where its video cameras can’t use wired broadband? Saltwater Recon had some challenges to address.

Lack of Wired Internet Access in Some Locations — In places such as Galveston’s 61st Street Fishing Pier, wired lines aren’t even available. With its web camera mounted on a two-story building at the end of the pier, Saltwater Recon couldn’t use wired broadband but also couldn’t rely on the pier’s own wireless network, due to bandwidth and performance limitations.

LTE-based broadband was the obvious choice, but Saltwater Recon needed a high-performance router that could handle live streaming with minimum latency or network downtime.

Inability to Manually Troubleshoot Issues — Because Saltwater Recon’s entire service hinges on high-quality, real-time video streaming, any Internet outage or performance degradation at the 61st Street Fishing Pier is disastrous. The team must address any such issues immediately, which is difficult if they’re not nearby at the time and expensive if they have to hire a third-party truck roll.


For high-performance and always-available network connectivity at any coastal location, Saltwater Recon selected Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for IoT, delivered through multi-WAN routers featuring built-in LTE. The NetCloud Service offers edge computing; private networking options including SD-Perimeter technology for device-to-cloud security; and remote configuration and troubleshooting.

“Some of the waterfronts we monitor are extremely remote, and Cradlepoint is our best and probably only solution,” said Urs Schmid, president and CEO of


Readily Available Connectivity for High-Quality Live Streaming

With LTE running through Cradlepoint’s enterprise-grade routers, Saltwater Recon has a WAN link that is available virtually anywhere in the U.S., can be set up immediately, and provides the performance and uptime necessary to support a high-bandwidth application such as live streaming.

“We tried hotspots and other wireless devices. Cradlepoint’s cloud-managed LTE router has been the only solution that supports the live streaming quality our viewers expect,” said Broc Adams, vice president and CTO of

This bring-your-own network (BYON) solution allows Saltwater Recon to keep its traffic completely separate from the 61st Street Fishing Pier’s network, which includes POS and private security cameras.

Remote Visibility & Control of LTE Connection

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager enables Saltwater Recon’s small team to address network challenges and outages without driving to the pier. They can log in and reboot the router remotely, which will save them time and money as they look to expand with wireless solutions at additional piers along the Texas coast.

“Remote management through the cloud set Cradlepoint apart from other connectivity solutions,” Adams said.

Simple Setup for Data Security

Saltwater Recon used Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Perimeter feature, which is based on SD-Perimeter technology, to spin up a private network over the public Internet — totally obscured from the view of potential hackers — in just a few minutes.

Ample Scalability for Rapid Expansion

Saltwater Recon plans to extend its live streaming services not just in Texas, but along other coasts around the U.S.

“We expect Cradlepoint’s scalable solution to be a large factor in Saltwater Recon’s ongoing expansion,” Schmid said.