TargetCast offers a broad portfolio of advertising/media services, including electronic signage at retail points. TargetCast turned to Saturn Wireless to create a hardware/software platform to deliver ad banners on televisions at large chain restaurants, malls and office elevators. Saturn Wireless is a one-stop-shop for end to end, wireless solutions. Saturn Wireless took charge of the project right from the start...from consulting to identification of best hardware/software to procurement to deployment of the solution.


TargetCast wanted to use a 3G/4G/LTE M2M solution to provide Internet access for their digital signage platform. This approach was faster, easier, and less expensive than provisioning wired Internet connectivity. However, maintaining a constant wireless connection to the Internet was a key challenge. Conventional mobile broadband routers would “time-out” and drop wireless sessions, creating intolerable interruptions and downtime. They sought the advice of Saturn Wireless, a leader in wireless solutions.


Saturn Wireless contacted Cradlepoint to identify a specific M2M solution that could enable constant web-focused wireless connectivity. As a leader in developing wireless solutions, Saturn Wireless was familiar with Cradlepoint. “Identification and assessment of new and emerging technologies in the M2M industry has been a continuous focus at Saturn,” says Manika Sood, Founder and CEO of Saturn Wireless.

“After carefully mapping TargetCast’s requirements with various solutions available in the industry, we finalized on Cradlepoint and their unique suite of offerings.”

The teams quickly identified Cradlepoint as the optimum solution. “Cradlepoint’s sales and technical teams were very supportive, which made the process very smooth and seamless,” notes Manika. Cradlepoint provides IP Pass-Through, enabling constant Internet connectivity. The result: no dropped sessions or interruptions when data updates are pushed out to the mini-computers that are part of the TargetCast solution.

“Cradlepoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager enables constant connectivity with no latency issues,” says Manika. “This eliminates the problem of dropped sessions and the need to manually reboot a router due to a timed-out connection.”

Superior technology wasn’t the only factor in TargetCast’s decision. “The customer was very price-sensitive,” notes Manika. “Cradlepoint’s pricing was in line with our customer’s requirements.”

“Cradlepoint was easy to work with. Their sales and technical teams were very supportive, which made the process very smooth and seamless.” - Manika Sood, Founder & CEO Saturn Wireless

The solution developed by Saturn Wireless for TargetCast has been deployed to 250 sites in the first phase and would cover 2,000 locations in the phase-wise nationwide rollouts, only needing minimal expertise. The actual installation probably took less than an hour per store.”


Simple: “Offering plug-and-play installation using a Wireless Wizard that features a simple splash page, Cradlepoint adapters are the most user-friendly solution for setting up a wireless WAN,” says Manika. “Only Cradlepoint adapters offer this easy-to-install interface for both basic and advanced users.”
Reliable: “The solution was tested for over a month and a half using the Cradlepoint adapter,” observes Manika. “The client was delighted with Cradlepoint solution’s reliability.”
Management: "Enterprise Cloud Manager enables remote management of Cradlepoint routers and adapters,” explains Manika. “This allows TargetCast to administer the adapter and perform updates from a central location, without having to physically visit a site.”
Value: “TargetCast has undoubtedly witnessed a turnaround and the ROI has been more than encouraging,” adds Manika. “A key contributor to the incredible ROI was Cradlepoint’s pricing, which was more attractive than competitive options.”

Manika summarizes her company’s experience with Cradlepoint:

“It’s important for us to have confidence in a manufacturer and their solutions that we recommend. We have had tremendous success with Cradlepoint's solutions and feel very comfortable endorsing Cradlepoint.”