YESCO, one of the world’s largest signage and digital outdoor display manufacturers, has pioneered the creation of connected digital signs. YESCO digital signs operate using several applications like heat monitoring, air conditioning, and a self-contained security and surveillance systems that all require network connectivity.

Using Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for IoT, delivered through purpose-built routers, YESCO deploys network-ready digital signs for placement virtually anywhere. YESCO can activate, configure, deploy, and manage the connectivity of signs from a central location.

Company Profile

Founded in 1920 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, YESCO designs, fabricates, installs, and provides ongoing maintenance for signage ranging from traditional vinyl and neon signs for small businesses to landmark digital signs like the largest digital sign in the world on the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. In the 1930s, YESCO made its mark by pioneering the creation of neon spectacular signs. Today, YESCO is at the forefront of creating network connected digital signage that is literally changing the face of advertising.

Business Needs

YESCO wanted to offer its customers a connected digital signage solution with “plug and play” networking capability. Previously, customers provided their own Internet connection, which may have required them to trench for a wired line or provide expensive antennas at their own costs. As YESCO’s digital signage solutions have grown in size, more and more operational functions of their signs like the air conditioning unit and security systems have required network connectivity.

With the deployment of thousands of signs, YESCO’s IT operations required remote management capability of every sign from a central location. YESCO signs needed a highly reliable, robust, and easy-to-integrate network solution that could be managed through the cloud, accommodate wired and wireless connections, and improve YESCO’s overall end product by simplifying the customer experience.


YESCO deployed Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for IoT. The service includes edge computing, SD-Perimeter technology for device-to-cloud security, and cloud configuration and troubleshooting, all delivered via an IoT gateway with embedded LTE, 24x7 support, and a limited lifetime warranty.

YESCO selected the Cradlepoint routers because of their small form factor, multiple Ethernet ports, cloud-based management, and resistance to 140° F temperatures on the Las Vegas strip.

With multiple ports, the routers support a converged infrastructure with wired and wireless connections. All of the signs’ operations that rely on network connections are assigned their own static IP addresses.



YESCO needed a networking solution that was small enough to fit in its signs, yet robust enough to power the network connectivity of the signs’ supporting functions like surveillance cameras, heat monitoring, and the security system.

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service through purpose-built routers allowed for easy integration into the sign, reliable operations, and flexible networking through wired and wireless connections.

"We make some of the largest digital signs in the world, so downtime is not an option. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and IoT routers provide the most reliable network solution for the multiple applications that require connectivity to function in our signs," said Justin Montalto, network and wireless communications administrator for YESCO.

Cloud-Based Network Management

YESCO deploys and manages thousands of signs to remote locations. Using NetCloud, YESCO’s IT team can more rapidly configure and deploy the connectivity of those signs. Remote monitoring and management also means uptime is maximized and data usage is optimized, resulting in fewer truck rolls and increased productivity for IT.

"With Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service, we have each sign’s network at our fingertips. We can configure and activate the Cradlepoint routers as groups or independently. We have greatly improved the speed to deployment and the ability to troubleshoot once a sign has been deployed," said Montalto.


The Cradlepoint solution provides YESCO and its customers with the flexibility to connect through wired or wireless networks, which allows for the placement of signs wherever a cell signal is available.

“The flexibility to connect with wired and wireless connections provides us and our customers with a sign that is network ready and easier to deploy,” Montalto said. “If a wired line is not available, customers no longer need to assume the costs of trenching to find a wired line, which translates into a much smoother installation process.”