In-Vehicle Solutions

Whether it's mass transit WiFi, service fleet database access, or real-time connectivity for first responders, in-vehicle network solutions are changing how we live and how we do business.

Use of Cradlepoint by Transportation Organizations Surges

Cradlepoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager has proven itself to be a really good way to manage network connectivity for small-footprint distributed enterprises. Now transportation-related organizations like emergency services, police, shipping, metropolitan buses, school buses, taxis, and commercial fleets are discovering the benefits of ECM as well. One of the main reasons why is because Enterprise Cloud Manager makes the deployment, management, and monitoring of vehicle fleets very easy.

Network Security Part 3: What are Parallel Networks and How are They Used?

In this post I’m going to show by example how parallel networking works. Before I do, let me just make one point: CradlePoint didn't invent parallel networking or another way of protecting data: “air-gapped” networks.