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TMC Net: Why Cradlepoint is Poised for Growth

TMC Net CEO Rich Tehrani talks about how Cradlepoint is in the right place, at the right time, with the right products:

"We all know the M2M and IoT spaces are growing like crazy... Our own growing M2M Evolution and IoT Evolution shows are just a few examples of how the marketplaces are on fire as a seamlessly never-ending flow of new customers comes to each iteration of these events.

Cradlepoint Launches the First 4G Advanced Edge Routing Platform at NRF 2014

The Cradlepoint AER 2100 Provides Edge Networks with More Bandwidth, Advanced Security, and Cloud Management to Lower the Total Cost of Ownership for Distributed Enterprises

Cradlepoint AER2100 Series

Intelligently manage converged wired and wireless connectivity for a highly available connected experience at the Edge.


Intelligently manage converged wired and wireless connectivity for a highly available connected experience at the Edge.


Below is a list of carrier-supplied modems compatible with the 2100.


  • USB
    • Cradlepoint MC400LPE-AT
    • Cradlepoint MC300LP-AT
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 340U [Beam]

Bell Mobility (CA)

  • USB
    • Cradlepoint MC400LPE-GN
    • Novatel Wireless U679

POTS (Analog)

  • USB
    • Portsmith PSA1U1M

Rogers (CA)

  • USB
    • Cradlepoint MC400LPE-GN
    • Sierra Wireless 330U [LTE Rocket Stick]


  • USB
    • Cradlepoint MC400LE2-SP
    • Cradlepoint MC400LPE-SP
    • Franklin Wireless U770 [Plug-in-Connect Tri-Mode USB]
    • Franklin Wireless U600
    • NETGEAR 341U

T-Mobile (USA)

  • USB
    • Cradlepoint MC400LPE-GN
    • ZTE MF683 [Rocket 3.0]

Telstra/BigPond (AU)

  • USB
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U


  • USB
    • Cradlepoint MC400LPE-GN
    • Huawei E3276


  • USB
    • Cradlepoint MC400LPE-VZ
    • Cradlepoint MC300LE-VZ
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC551 [ 551L 4G LTE USB Modem]
    • Novatel Wireless U620L [MiFi 4G LTE Global USB Modem U620L]
    • Pantech UML295


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As Networking Demands Grow, So Must Your Network Agility: Cradlepoint MC400

Here at Cradlepoint, we pride ourselves at being in close touch with our customers and in providing them with solutions that meet their evolving needs. Lately, customers have been telling us that they want solutions that provide high bandwidth and agility to meet growing consumer demand for the “connected retail experience.”

Lightning Fast European 4G LTE Speeds

As Mobile World Congress 2014 wraps up in Barcelona, I wanted to share the 4G LTE speed test results our AER2100 achieved via Vodafone's 4G network. And this was only on one SIM...