The forces of cloud, mobile and the IoT are combining to transform enterprise networks. This white paper explores the future look for network infrastructure and the new WAN for people, places and things.


Vehicle Fleets

Commercial transportation companies are finding new, technology-driven ways to monitor and manage fleets, ensuring productivity, improving driver satisfaction, and ultimately saving time and money.

First Choice Loan Services

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First Choice Loan Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of First Choice Bank, is a boutique mortgage lender based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, with over 600 employees nationwide. With Cradlepoint solutions, First Choice Loan Services was able to quickly and efficiently meet customer demand while maintaining business continuity by streamlining both primary and failover connectivity at new branch locations.  

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Financial Services

4G LTE In-Vehicle Network Solutions

Deploying network connectivity to your organization’s vehicle fleet can entail a number of challenges. A solution will take into account all aspects of virtual and physical layouts, as well as anticipated applications. You’ll find you’re not simply choosing hardware and a data plan, but looking holistically at how to optimize a comprehensive solution for reliable, stable connectivity on the road.

Police Technologies

As Police departments implement body cameras, tablets, and upgrade the technology for dashboard cameras, in-vehicle routers that support these technologies are becoming more and more important. But, as the need for these applications grows, public sector IT teams that manage these initiatives are facing bandwidth and resource challenges.

4G LTE Primary Connect Solutions

Today’s enterprises capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing and the ability to connect to the Internet in more places than ever before, creating new business paradigms for marketing, sales, inventory management, and more. However, traditional wired connections are costly and time-consuming to implement, negating many of the advantages gained by utilizing new business models. Sometimes business can’t wait until a DSL or other wired connection is installed. When your business depends on constant Internet connectivity but requires a nimble enough infrastructure to switch gears at a moment’s notice, traditional wired connections can put you at a disadvantage.

Industry Groups Coordinate Cyber Threat Information Sharing

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Last fall, Cradlepoint CSO Kent Woodruff wrote a blog post about Adam Shostack’s theme for his opening address at 2014 BSidesLV. Shostack spoke at length about “information sharing as the ultimate act of self-preservation.” The exponential rise in criminal intrusions into public and private databases in the recent past has precipitated the creation of a number of information sharing organizations by both the private and public sectors.

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