With the addition of firmware 5.3.0, many Cradlepoint routing solutions now have the ability to define the radio carrier through software locally and remotely.

Firmware Downloads & Release Notes

Firmware Policy


Cradlepoint is issuing a security patch included in firmware 5.3.4. To determine if your devices have been affected, click here.

Firmware upgrades require an active CradleCare Support or Enterprise Cloud Manager subscription.

As part of Cradlepoint’s new firmware policy, Cradlepoint is releasing a Security Patch in Firmware 5.3.4 to all affected customers through the Customer Connect Portal.

In the Wake of Heartbleed Part 2: All Hands on Deck

I talked last week about how the Heartbleed bug was unique in how long it went undiscovered, how many things it affected, and how hard it was to tell if anyone had used it to access data. Today I’d like to talk about what CradlePoint did to reestablish protections for our customers.