Digital Signage

Network Connectivity Solutions for Digital Signage

Much of today’s signage has been enhanced by digital transformation. Digital signage solutions can include benefits such as product feature screens, navigation to additional products and information, product clarification, wayfinding, and even customer service— improving each individual’s unique experience.

The adoption of digital signage is growing as cloud, mobile, and wearables become the norm. The responsive business will be further ignited by IoT technologies with advancements like personally curated offerings and frictionless payment. Digital signage applications have clear business benefits to most industries, but no enterprise will be successful in implementing these applications without constant, secure network connectivity.

This white paper examines the trends and advancements in digital signage and how its applications are benefiting businesses by transforming the consumer experience. It also explores how organizations are using these applications and how LTE, cloud management, and IoT impact and enable deployments.

What You’ll Get:

  • An overview of digital signage application & benefits
  • Real-world customer success stories
  • Tips for IT & marketing to work together on deployments
  • Future trends & the digital signage forecast