What FirstNet® Means to First Responders

FirstNet gives first responders the highly secure connection they need for critical communications and the latest technology as it evolves. Immediate information delivery enhances the capabilities of the public safety community, so first responders can save lives, while protecting their own. 

The benefits of FirstNet include:

  • Interoperability on a single, nationwide, LTE network dedicated to public safety communications.
  • Expanded rural access for the capacity and connections you need — when you need it.
  • Situational awareness to support the public safety community with critical information needed to operate efficiently and safely.
  • Priority and preemption capabilities mean first responders connect first — and that they have the bandwidth they need by detouring others off the network as needed.
  • Vital capacity for instances when it’s difficult to get the crucial robust network capacity needed, such as at concerts, festivals, and sporting events.
  • Actionable data for applications, devices, and services designed to enhance public safety efficiency.
  • Reliable and highly secure communication no matter where the first responder might be in the field, before, during, and after a disaster.