Food & Beverage

Dependable, Secure Network Connectivity for Restaurant Operations

As restaurants seek to replace traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) and their costly bundles of cable with less expensive solutions, LTE is becoming the preferred way to implement those networks. Experience shows that LTE is cost-effective and provides the modern restaurant with more bandwidth, mobility, and security.

Today’s restaurant can’t afford to have its network go down — and any kind of a security breach means operational downtime as well as reputational costs. Cloud-enabled, Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs) provide always-on connectivity and the reassurance that security meets PCI DSS Compliance standards to keep businesses safe and customers happy.

This white paper outlines real-world examples of customer success, information about how to add LTE to an IT strategy, and learn how Cradlepoint solutions enable PCI Compliance and ease of network management.