Healthcare Failover

Preventive Care for Your Network with 4G Failover

For healthcare campuses and offices, the consequences of just a few minutes of downtime ripple across the entire organization’s operations. Although the cloud presents exciting new opportunities for greater efficiencies and novel ways to reach and treat patients, the proliferation of cloud applications means suspended connectivity can cause catastrophic problems.

This white paper discusses the consequences of network downtime for healthcare organizations and offers an overview of options for business continuity. It also gives examples of how LTE connectivity is enabling the healthcare industry and key considerations for choosing a wireless failover solution.

What You'll Get:

  • An overview of options for network upgrades, redundancy, and failover.
  • How 4G LTE wireless connectivity enables the healthcare industry.
  • Creative Solutions in Healthcare customer success story.
  • Key considerations for choosing a software-defined LTE failover solution.