K-12 & Libraries

Wireless Networks for K-12 & Libraries

Today’s IT decision makers are faced with two options: continue trying to make legacy systems work in an increasingly mobile, connected, and complex environment, or seek a new network solution that will help extend, complement, or augment existing network infrastructure.

Of course, choosing a new solution carries risk. Deploying the wrong network solutions could land an IT manager in the position of answering to frustrated teachers, administrators, board members, and the community — not to mention long-term impacts, such as reduced instructional time, potential drops in student performance, and lost funding as a result.

This white paper explores the change drivers that are prompting schools and libraries to seek new network solutions, outlines the challenges that a new network solution must be able to address, and offers guidance on choosing a solution that balances the evolving needs of schools and libraries with the time and budget constraints of the IT department.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • Change drivers in education technology
  • Why wireless WAN makes sense in K-12 and libraries
  • Security and CIPA compliance in education environments
  • Considerations for choosing multiple WAN connection options