Private LTE

The Role of Private LTE in Revolutionizing Wireless LAN

Our world is now dominated by IoT devices — and by the data-rich, highly actionable business insights they enable. Even the largest and most remote locations need the flexibility of wireless connectivity for both wide-area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN) so they can connect those devices. But existing LAN technologies, including WiFi, aren’t sufficient to address this challenge:

In sprawling areas that need a wireless LAN, Private LTE is an increasingly sought option. Some organizations have locations that require wireless connectivity but are not well supported by WiFi and may not even be ideal for public LTE usage — locations where  connected staff, devices, vehicles, and applications are spread across warehouses, manufacturing plants, mines, airports, ports, hospitals, and other types of areas.

Private LTE is beginning to play a unique role in the world of wireless LAN, providing benefits that range from reduced congestion and enhanced traffic flow to better information security and dramatic cost savings.

This white paper includes:

  • Overview of how Private LTE works as wireless LAN
  • Comparisons between Private LTE, WiFi, and public LTE
  • Use cases for Private LTE
  • Next steps for organizations considering Private LTE