Retail Success

How Retailers Leverage Software-Defined, Cloud-Managed Networks

In the world of retail, IT teams and the networks they manage have never been more important—or more burdened. As the role of connected technologies continues to grow and intertwine with virtually every aspect of business, IT teams have left behind their old role as troubleshooters. Today, they strategically define and execute a company’s most important goals.

As connected technologies and cloud computing have become vital to staying competitive, CIOs and network administrators are re-evaluating the entire network infrastructure. Legacy networks often can’t keep up with the demands of omnichannel retail strategies, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the shift to cloud computing. Customers are seeking brands that can provide customized, curated, and seamless experiences, which retailers can only create through real-time analytics, mobility, and interactivity enabled by flexible, dependable networks. This means retail enterprises that keep doing business as usual will become relics of the past—just like their aging legacy networks.

This white paper outlines emerging trends in retail IT, challenges posed by those trends, and considerations for choosing new networking solutions. The paper also will discuss how retailers are using software-defined technologies to position themselves for long-term success and immediate bottom-line benefits.