Retail Theater

Connecting the Retail Theater with Digital Signage & Interactive Experiences

With the rise of e-commerce, many retailers wonder what role brick-and-mortar locations will play in their future. Do those locations simply serve as a showroom for people to view products and order them from the cheapest online source? Is the brick-and-mortar store an anachronism, destined to go the way of the dinosaur? In fact, the physical store is more important than ever, serving as the theater where a brand shows its identity to the world. Retailers are leveraging much of the same technology that makes e-commerce possible, turning their stores into places where their various channels intersect to create a stage upon which they can display their wares.

“A company will truly prosper when it recognizes that its sales floor is a stage, its employees are performers, and its customers are an eager audience waiting to be swept off their feet,” said mall operator General Growth Properties on the company’s blog “Thriving Malls.”

The actors performing on the retail stage include digital signage, interactive kiosks, tablets and Point-of-Sale systems. But for those actors to put on a performance, it’s crucial that they all be able to speak to one another. That’s where network connectivity solutions have become critical to successful operations.

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  • How retailers are turning brick-and-mortar locations into the showroom brands
  • Overcoming the obstacles of deploying a solution
  • Innovative applications for digital signage and interactive experiences
  • The benefits of utilizing 4G LTE networks