Scalable Security

Scalable Enterprise Network Security

There is no shortage of enterprise network security solutions on the market, but as organizations ask their IT teams to keep doing more with less, simply layering more and more security solutions and applications becomes an expensive, complex, and untenable way to combat evolving security threats.

Complex protocols and archaic command-line segmentation scale poorly and expose the company to greater risk of a mistake, especially at the Network’s Edge, where companies usually lack on-site IT expertise and the visibility required to keep the network secure.

A growing number of distributed enterprises achieve both layered security and scalability by rethinking their network architectures, adopting automation, and centralizing maintenance.

This white paper offers a comparison of security architectures and considerations for choosing the right option for your organization’s abilities and needs.

What You'll Get:

  • Analysis of the benefits & risks associated with various network architectures
  • Keys to security success for legacy, cloud-based & hybrid networks
  • Overview of the benefits of software-defined services