State of the Network 2017

Cradlepoint Business Intelligence Report

What’s becoming increasingly clear is that legacy WANs, which are predominately based on wired, hardware-defined, and resource intensive infrastructures, can’t keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of today’s lean and agile connected enterprise.

So where exactly are we on this transformational journey from legacy WANs—which have changed little over the last twenty years—to the promised land of cloud-enabled, software-defined, and LTE-pervasive WANs that are equally adept at connecting people, places, and things? To shed some light on that question, Cradlepoint executed a survey-based study on LTE adoption that includes perspectives on software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). The data in this report provides a benchmark for IT teams to understand whether they’re ahead of the curve, right on track, or falling behind in implementation of a new enterprise WAN architectures.

The study found that 60 percent of IT pros surveyed indicated they were already deploying LTE as a WAN connectivity solution. Download this Business Intelligence Report to learn more about the state of network infrastructure in 2017.