VoIP over LTE

Advantages & Best Practices for VoIP on an LTE Network

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), when used over LTE, can offer significant benefits to your network — and your business. These benefits include: cost-savings, reduced complexity and hardware, flexibility, and speed-to-deployment. Optimizing VoIP over LTE can also help your employees, customers, and IT teams focus on the work at hand, instead of the mechanics behind it. Furthermore, pairing wired and LTE connectivity moves your mission-critical applications from “three-nines” (99.9%) availability to “four-nines” (99.99%) availability — saving you money while increasing customer confidence and brand loyalty.

Information Technology departments are now faced with the challenge of providing connectivity to people, places, and things anywhere — while ensuring visibility, security, and control.

Existing network management paradigms, developed decades ago, were designed around fixed branch networks accessing applications within private data centers. Today though, connecting people and things over the Internet and deploying applications within the public cloud represents a dramatic increase in the number of remote network endpoints that need to be managed.

This white paper explores the best practices and advantages of utilizing VoIP on an LTE network.