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State of 5G

Amid the rapidly rising anticipation for 5G, many organizations are asking the same question: “What does 5G mean today, and how long before it can help my business?”


State of the Network

Cradlepoint executed a survey-based study on LTE adoption that includes perspectives on software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). The data in this report provides a benchmark for IT teams to understand...


End-to-End Secure

In this white paper, you'll learn how Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Perimeter provides cloud-based networking services that add multiple, embedded security features to traditional enterprise-class...


VoIP over LTE

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), when used over LTE, can offer significant benefits to your network — and your business. Optimizing VoIP over LTE can also help your employees, customers,...


SD-WAN Value

To date, the discussion of a SD-WAN has focused primarily on one use case: a hybrid WAN that features dynamic load balancing of traffic over the MPLS and Internet links that connect branch offices...


Healthcare Failover

This white paper discusses the consequences of network downtime for healthcare organizations and offers an overview of options for business continuity. It also gives examples of how LTE...

#Financial Services

Financial Services

This white paper covers trends in financial services IT; describes specific examples of ways institutions are leveraging M2M, Internet of Things and cloud technologies; and outlines best...


New Networking Stack

The goal of this white paper is to highlight the technologies IT organizations are adopting in order to be more agile and position themselves to support the range of business changes they are...


The Network Future

The forces of cloud, mobile and the IoT are combining to transform enterprise networks. This white paper explores the future look for network infrastructure and the new WAN for people, places and...

#Network Security

Edge Security

Increasingly savvy cyber-criminals preying on weak security practices remind retailers that it is more important than ever to reconsider network protection, especially as new touch points are...

#Digital Signage

Retail Theater

Far from becoming irrelevant, the brick-and-mortar store is increasingly serving as the stage on which a brand displays its identity. Key to putting on that display is a reliable connectivity...

#Public Sector

Smart Cities

This white paper explores the current and potential benefits of wireless network technologies and the IoT to expand efficiencies and open up new possibilities for public sector organizations such...