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Wireless connectivity for the branch

Gain agility using cellular to connect the branch but still retain reliability, security, application performance and ease of management. Scale to thousands of locations with a primary WAN, or as wired bandwidth augmentation using wireless-optimised SD-WAN. Move network locations without the delay and expense of re-cabling the WAN connection. Keep responsive to customers with options for pop-up or store-in-store options.

   All-in-One Platform Delivers Scale and Simplicity, Connects to Cloud and Corporate

Build high availability for critical sites

Support 24×7 operations with redundant WANs and carriers to preserve availability and continuity for connection assurance and uninterrupted maintenance.

Connect privately and quickly with pop-up or isolated networks

Drive agile projects, store-in-store, guest Wi-Fi, or temporary networks without needing to connect to sensitive or costly production networks. Take networks on-the-go to ensure connection quality, security, and to save costs.

Connect and manage at scale

Cradlepoint NetCloud Service and wireless edge routers connect thousands of distributed locations at scale while still maintaining visibility and insights into network status, security, and business intelligence.

Branch Connectivity

Cradlepoint branch routers provide industry-leading Gigabit-Class LTE, a Pathway to 5G and high-performance wired connectivity combined with multiple ports of Ethernet connectivity and Wi-Fi access.

Explore 4G LTE Routers

Explore how Cradlepoint can help you unlock the power of 4G LTE and 5G cellular for your network.

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