Connecting first responders to FirstNet and 5G is about more than a modem


Choose a new solution built for next-gen cellular

Adding 5G to vehicles isn’t about forcing new functionality into old products. Cradlepoint’s R1900 Series 5G Ruggedized Router is purpose-built and optimized for 5G in-vehicle networks to accommodate the bandwidth, performance, and security needs of always-on, next-gen cellular for years to come.


Maintain access to life-saving information

With 5G comes enhanced features and high-speed connectivity for emergency vehicles which means improved safety for first responders whose equipment, response plans, and lives depend on precise location data.


Fast speeds that come in small packages

Whether mounted on a vehicle or for IoT, the R2100 Series 5G router is simple to install with one or two cables. The R1900 Series 5G router is small enough to fit inside your vehicles. For fixed locations, the W1850 Series 5G Wideband Adapter and E3000 5G Enterprise Router are even easier to install.


Save a seat for enterprise-grade security

Public agency fleets should be treated the same as their fixed locations: with enterprise-grade security prioritized. Cradlepoint’s 5G mobile solution has an application-aware firewall, content filtering, and cloud-delivered security dashboards.


Manage your entire 5G footprint through one platform

Businesses benefit from 5G in vehicles, stations, IoT, and beyond. Cradlepoint provides the FirstNet Trusted routers and adapters to connect everything and the cloud-based management platform to manage it all.

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