Wireless edge solutions for law enforcement keep officers safe and effective at critical times

For law enforcement officers on the frontlines, wireless connectivity is a life-line. They rely on fast and always-on access to critical applications and data to perform their mission, whether in a vehicle, station or in the field.

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and wireless routers unlock the power of LTE and 5G — including nationwide public safety networks — for bulletproof connections to MDTs, surveillance and body cameras, sensors, on-board diagnostics, and beyond. Cradlepoint helps officers better perform their duties safely and efficiently.


One network for everything

Purpose-built wireless routers that let your law enforcement technology – including network vehicles, stations, dispatch centers, and connected devices, such as surveillance cameras, using the most advanced LTE technology available.


Always connected, fully certified

Connected to multiple cellular networks at the same time, including nationwide public safety networks that provide first responders with priority and preemption when they need it most — all through a single purpose-built router.


Manage like a pro, minus the pro

Law enforcement agencies can’t always afford network pros. Easy-to-use cloud management lets network novices centrally manage a Cradlepoint network like a pro, and reducing vehicle garage visits and downtime.


Plays nice with other tech

There’s a lot of specific law enforcement technology today. Whether NetMotion for fast and reliable MDT sessions, Axon tasers and cameras, L3Harris radios, or another tech solution, our wireless routers play nice with all of it.


Lives depend on location data

Accurate location data is essential — lives often depend on it. Precision, vehicle-integrated GPS provides location-based data for computer-aided dispatch and fleet management applications and helps locate officers in need.


Protect & Secure public data

To fully Protect & Serve the public, you need to protect and secure public data. Cradlepoint provides enterprise-grade network security capabilities to ensure data remains protected and CJIS Security Policy compliant.

Connect everything vital to modern law enforcement

  • Any type of vehicle
  • Headquarter and field stations
  • Mobile command centers
  • Dispatch and 911 facilities
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Drones and robots

Complete management and control at your fingertips

Experience a whole new level of network management, intelligence, and control with the NetCloud Service. Why settle for just hardware when you can have everything you need to manage and control your network at your fingertips, and from a single screen. NetCloud Manager lets you monitor uptime, security, and cellular reception and usage through at-a-glance dashboards. Mobile routers for law enforcement can intelligently handle traffic flows across multiple cellular connections to ensure optimal performance, including nationwide public safety networks like FirstNet and ESN.


Purpose-built routers for mission-critical networking

Whether you’re connecting stations, vehicles, devices in the field, or providing failover for E911 centers, wireless edge solutions for law enforcement are purpose-built for the job. Each model is engineered for size, ruggedness, connectivity options, and expandability. Mobile and IoT models are designed to withstand harsh winters and scorching summers. And, you have a choice of 5G or LTE modems, such as our flagship 5G modem that supports dual connectivity between 5G and 4G and public safety networks like AT&T FirstNet, Verizon Frontline, and the Emergency Service Network.


We're here to help before and after you buy

Cradlepoint is committed to public safety and the men and women in uniform who risk their lives to protect and serve their communities every day. That’s why we created FirstConnect, a first of its kind program that helps first responder agencies in the US overcome budgetary, logistical, and operational challenges associated with rolling out wireless solutions. The FirstConnect Grant Assistance program can help you find available funding while our special “911” support line provides priority handling of your support inquiries and trouble tickets.

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Inside and beyond police cars, mission-critical connectivity relies on wireless solutions

“The inside of a police car is a lot more than a radio and a light controller. The Cradlepoint routers are essential for communicating with our dispatch center. We pull GPS information from vehicles; they’re talking to our servers all the time. Without constant connectivity, a police car very quickly becomes something that’s inefficient and not suitable for our daily needs.”

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