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Cellular IoT connectivity solutions for IT, OT, and everything in between

For organizations that depend on IoT services and applications, gaining connectivity without compromising security is paramount. Cradlepoint NetCloud’s IoT edge-to-cloud service, delivered through purpose-built LTE and 5G routers, enables enterprises to quickly connect a wide spectrum of wired and wireless devices, dynamically segment traffic to combat security threats, and provide extensibility to SaaS analytics platforms. Built-in multi-role administration allows both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) personnel to collaborate on deployment and management responsibilities from anywhere.

Secure, flexible networks for enterprise IoT

  • Smart cities
  • Smart buildings
  • Digital signage
  • Kiosks and lockers
  • Industrial sensors
  • Medical equipment
  • Robots and drones
  • Video cameras
  • ATMs
  • Temperature sensors

Maintain reliable IoT connectivity

Provide highly available cellular IoT connectivity for devices and applications with Cradlepoint’s enterprise-grade IoT routers featuring embedded LTE modems. Ensure high performance and constant uptime through nationwide cellular carriers.


Secure your IoT attack surface

Cradlepoint IoT routers feature built-in, policy-based security that scales to any size of distributed network, and Software-Defined Perimeter technology for easily spinning up secure, microsegmented device-to-cloud overlay networks.


Centrally manage at scale

Rapidly deploy and scale IoT through the single-pane-of-glass NetCloud Manager, which simplifies the monitoring and management of hundreds or even thousands of deployed routers.


Deploy purpose-built routers

Install IoT in networking scenarios ranging from remote sites to vehicles and branch locations while meeting all form factor, application, and protocol requirements — even when operating under harsh environmental conditions and limited space.


One platform for your entire network

Manage and monitor all of your Cradlepoint IoT, location, and vehicle routers and adapters through one cloud-based platform. Enforce consistent security policies, gain insights into data usage and billing trends, and provide a consistent user experience.


Gain visibility into IoT data

Bring your IoT data into view and gain insights with easy integration to IoT application and analytics platforms, which enable you to run your business with confidence and efficiency.

Maintain visibility into and control over IoT deployments

Companies and public sector entities are capitalizing on the value of LTE and 5G cellular IoT connectivity. Cradlepoint helps organizations implement IoT solutions with scaleable, secure, reliable wireless connectivity that is easy to set up and manage.

“With this IoT platform, we are going to make this product by far the most reliable living wall system on the planet.”
Richard Kincaid, CEO, Sagegreenlife

Watch the video to see Sagegreenlife’s story.

NetCloud Service for IoT

The NetCloud IoT edge-to-cloud service encompasses a suite of technologies designed for IoT applications: reliability, security, management, and data orchestration delivered through purpose-built routers. Enterprise IoT solutions enable massive deployments with ease and scale.

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Livestream video footage from the network edge

Livestream video footage from the network edge

Remotely stream video to monitor facilities and discourage theft and other dangerous activities with reliable flexible LTE and 5G connectivity that keeps video surveillance solutions connected 24x7.

Remotely monitor and collect data

Remotely monitor and collect data

Monitor conditions and maintain the quality of your operations by connecting far-flung sensors and processing data in real time using Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service with IoT routers and integrations.

Connect kiosks for extended shopping and services

Connect kiosks for extended shopping and services

Expand your company's reach and engage customers in new ways with a wireless edge networking solution for kiosks and ATMs that maintains connectivity and easily enables security compliance.

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Find Your 5G

5G for business certainly isn't "one size fits all." Variations in use cases, spectrum, and network operators abound. Find the 5G wireless networking experience best-suited for your stores, offices, vehicles, and beyond.


Extensibility and Integration

Extend and integrate Cradlepoint’s enterprise IoT solutions through our development capabilities.  Add differentiation, value, and organization-specific behaviors that securely run on endpoints or in the cloud through the NetCloud API and SDK. A developer community is available for sharing and gaining knowledge and collaborating with other developers.

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