5G Solutions for Business

Organizations have already watched 4G LTE begin to transform edge networking and the wide-area network (WAN) itself — but none of that compares to what 5G solutions will accomplish. 5G routers and adapters for business mark a unique intersection of flexibility and fiber-fast performance, enabling Wireless WAN connectivity and forward-thinking innovation for fixed and temporary locations, vehicles, IoT, and beyond.

5G for Fixed Locations

  • Primary wireless for larger sites
  • Failover beyond critical traffic
  • High-performance cellular SD-WAN
  • AR-enabled marketing
  • Fiber replacement
  • Industrial 4.0 with private 5G

Temporary Sites



Find your 5G sweet spot

Your organization likely is eager to start reaping the benefits of 5G business solutions, but where do you start? With different circumstances at widely distributed, diverse locations, the right type of 5G will vary from one deployment to the next. Only Cradlepoint provides a set of 5G solutions flexible enough to help organizations find their unique 5G fit today while preparing for the use cases of tomorrow.


Try the most comprehensive set of 5G solutions for business

From fixed locations and temporary sites to in-vehicle technologies, Cradlepoint offers the broadest portfolio of 5G business solutions to match your diverse deployments.


Have your layer cake and eat it, too

In the new cellular landscape, Cradlepoint offers solutions tailored for the unique characteristics of all three spectrum layers — optimizing use cases for each of your locations.


Take it up with management

It’s one thing to provide connectivity for a few locations; it’s quite another to provide enterprise-class security and monitoring to tens of thousands of endpoints with a lean IT staff. Cradlepoint NetCloud makes it easy.


Avoid mixed signals

Cradlepoint works closely with major carriers to test and tune its solutions to their 5G networks. Pre-programmed endpoints and multi-level integrity tests provide the best connectivity available.


Start with a clean slate

Rather than adding a 5G modem into a 4G architecture, Cradlepoint addressed the unique challenges of higher throughput, power dissipation, signal acquisition, and installation with a clean-slate design for an optimized 5G experience.  


Turn up 2.0

 As a Wireless WAN and 5G leader, Cradlepoint’s 2.0 portfolio of second-generation 5G solutions leverages our foundation of design learnings from launching the 1.0 product set in 2020.  

Find your 5G edge networking solution

Whether your organization has a fleet of tech-dependent vehicles or a growing number of distributed locations, Cradlepoint has a 5G business solution that is designed to meet your unique needs. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and 5G-enabled routers help you join the future of business — today.

Explore 5G Routers and Adapters

Your trusted 5G partners are specialized

Ready for 5G business solutions? Thankfully, they’re here. Find the right 5G routers and adapters for your organization’s use cases today and tomorrow.