We stand ready to help

Message to our customers and partners

During this unprecedented time, our families, employees, customers, and partners matter most. Our priority has been our employees and their families, and now we stand — side-by-side with our partners — ready to lend cellular wireless networking expertise to those in need. For business customers, we stand ready to help you stay connected with remote employees, keep vital operations flowing, and find new ways to continue to serve your customers. For education, healthcare, and emergency services organizations, we stand ready to help you provide students, caregivers, and first responders with secure access to the information they need from anywhere. Whether from homes, parking lots, make-shift tents, previously vacant buildings, temporary command centers, or military bases, in big cities and small towns, we can help you keep those on the front lines of the pandemic securely connected.

Here are just a few ways we can help IT teams and those responsible for standing up or expanding wireless networks during this crisis:

  • Get the right solution — we know you’re under pressure, so we will work with you and your partner to make sure you get the exact right solution you need
  • Get it delivered fast — don’t wait for weeks, we ship virtually all products within 24 hours so you can get what you need when you need it
  • Get up and running quickly — don’t waste time staging and shipping, we work with partners to drop-ship products to your end-user locations with SIM(s) included (U.S. only) and the routers pre-registered in NetCloud Manager
  • Get the support you need — you don't have to be an expert, our experienced enterprise support team is fully operational during this crisis and is ready to support your specific deployment

To help you understand how wireless can enable an emergency network response to the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some common use cases as well as how-to videos to help get you started.

Emergency Network Response


Cradlepoint work from home image

Work From Home

Everything you need to provide Internet and VPN connectivity to at-home workers and students with high-bandwidth needs.

Cradlepoint public safety covid image

Public Safety

Emergency network solutions designed to utilize LTE and public safety broadband cellular networks and optimized for speed, simplicity, scale, and security.

Cradlepoint Covid Education image

Wi-Fi for Students

Provide Internet access to at-home students by installing connectivity in school buses to be parked in the community.


Step-by-Step Guides For Remote Connectivity

Remote Employee Set-up (Home Office & Temporary Pop-Up Site Managers)

This course addresses how to work from home or set-up a medical pop-up center, as more and more employees are being asked to work in ways they haven't before, while maintaining connection security to their organization's resources.

Network Administrator

This course demonstrates a Cradlepoint solution with the steps and configuration that a network administrator needs to perform to get a team of remote users up and running on a reliable Internet connection with minimal frustration and disruption to their normal tasks.