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Next to bamboo, your network edge might be one of the fastest growing things on the planet (at least, it feels that way). Cellular is enabling agile connectivity for hard-to-reach people, places, and things. This expanding attack surface is difficult to secure. NetCloud SASE integrates cellular-centric SD-WAN and security into a fully unified, simple-to-use solution. It extends beyond fixed sites to secure dynamic environments where site locations are shifting, vehicles are moving, IoT devices are multiplying, and employees are working from anywhere.

What can NetCloud SASE do for you?

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What does NetCloud SASE include?

Designed to be holistic yet modular, NetCloud SASE allows you to consume the services that you need, when you need them.

Zero Trust SD-WAN

A simpler, more secure SD-WAN, optimized for cellular networks. Designed for providing an outstanding digital experience in environments where applications reside everywhere and require secure access from anywhere.

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Zero Trust Private Access

Provides isolated, secure access to private applications or assets on the WAN for both managed and unmanaged devices (IoT, contractor devices, BYOD).

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Zero Trust Internet Access

Goes beyond signature-based detection of web and email threats to an air-gapped approach that isolates users and their devices from any malicious web activity.

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What makes NetCloud SASE unique?


Made for 5G and LTE

With benefits like traffic steering based on cellular attributes and network slicing for guaranteed bandwidth as networks evolve to 5G standalone, NetCloud SASE enables fast moving organizations to accelerate their transformation 


Unparalleled simplicity

While many SASE vendors focus on unifying management across multiple disjointed products, Cradlepoint NetCloud SASE is based on a clean architecture that delivers one platform, one policy engine, and a consistent provisioning experience across all services.


Built-In zero trust

NetCloud SASE combines security with the network creation process for a zero trust foundation that can be turned up in just 6 minutes. The solution obscures IP addresses, blocks eastwest traffic and is deny-all by default preventing lateral movement and minimizing the attack surface. 


Powerful isolation technology

NetCloud SASE offers a zero trust approach to web and email security by leveraging Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) to completely air gap users from malicious web activity, phishing, and zero-day exploits without disrupting the browsing experience


Robust security for unmanaged devices

While other solutions require agents or special browsers, NetCloud SASE uses agent-less isolation-based security to air gap corporate applications from unmanaged devices mitigating the risk of malware infection. 


Deployment your way

Rather than just a single cloud-delivered deployment model, certain NetCloud SASE services can be implemented through a customerhosted model as well.

SASE services, your way

Cloud delivered

Cloud-first and lean IT companies can take advantage of Cradlepoint’s global cloud and have security and SD-WAN technologies delivered as a service.  This option includes zero trust SD-WAN, private access, and internet access managed from NetCloud Manager.

Customer hosted

Organizations preferring a local deployment option can take advantage of NetCloud Exchange (NCX) Service Gateway. With deployment options that include data centers and virtual private clouds, this solution offers zero trust SD-WAN and private access services — all managed from NetCloud Manager.  Explore the Service Gateway.

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