The Elastic Edge of Today’s Connected Enterprise

At the Network’s Edge, the 24/7 need to connect people, places, and things to the WAN over wired and wireless internet broadband is shaping a new paradigm: the Elastic EdgeSM. The Elastic Edge constantly expands, contracts, adapts, and evolves as business needs dictate. Wireless connectivity is essential to achieving this level of elasticity that today’s Connected Enterprise requires.

Join Ian Pennell, Cradlepoint CMO, on July 13, 2017, for a live webinar about the characteristics of the Elastic Edge — software-defined, policy-driven, and highly orchestrated to eliminate network complexity.

Attendees will learn about:

+ Challenges and opportunities in network infrastructure

+ How wireless connectivity and related strategies enhance network infrastructure

+ How Network-as-a-Service expands connections, capacity, and services when and where you need them