Cradlepoint Transforms Out-of-Band Management with Cloud-Based Wireless Failover

Company introduces wireless router series with innovative approach to ensuring redundancy and business continuity

Boise, ID – April 28, 2015 – Cradlepoint, the global leader in 4G LTE networking solutions for distributed enterprises, today defines the next generation of Out-of-Band Management with the launch of NetCloud Manager PRIME and the ARC CBA850 cellular broadband adapter. The new solution set ensures critical network uptime by combining secure cloud access with best-in-class failover, 4G LTE networking and unique Out-of-Band Management capabilities without the traditional need for costly static IPs. Cradlepoint is empowering administrators to maximize infrastructure investments with an automatic secondary path to access and control the network at remote locations when a primary router goes down. As a result, businesses can minimize downtime and maintenance costs while ensuring business continuity and efficient operations.

Network disruptions or failures in the distributed enterprise usually mean that visibility into network functions at remote locations is eliminated and business operations and profitability is significantly impacted. Traditional approaches to troubleshooting force the IT department to either keep duplicate equipment at each site, ship new replacement equipment to branch locations as disruptions occur and/or send a technician to survey and fix the disruption. Each of these options is heavy for IT staff to manage and heavy on a business’ bottom line. Furthermore, the World Wide Web is running short on its supply of static IPs that are traditionally required for remote access during a network outage.

Cradlepoint solves these challenges by providing a cloud-based secondary WAN connection over LTE to the console ports on primary branch routers to instantaneously configure, troubleshoot and manage the network over 4G/LTE. Network administrators realize enhanced flexibility because NetCloud Manager eliminates the need to assign static IP addresses, and combined with the CBA850 the solution offers a variety of connectivity options to link legacy routers that may remain in the network. The solutions also adapt to any networking environment, allowing administrators to easily deploy, connect and manage the network regardless of the type of infrastructure they are already running.

“This approach to Out of Band Management is an exciting development for distributed enterprise network administrators because it gives them a powerful new ability to minimize disruption and downtime and guarantee business continuity,” said George Mulhern, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Cradlepoint. “Protecting uptime is everything to those responsible for the distributed enterprise network, and Cradlepoint makes it easier for them to remotely ensure redundancy from their headquarters down to each branch office.”

About Cradlepoint
Cradlepoint is the global leader in cloud-managed 4G LTE networking solutions, providing business grade and secure connectivity to distributed enterprises with hundreds or thousands of locations. Specializing in Failover Solutions with OOBM, M2M/IoT, Transportation and Parallel Networking, Cradlepoint's award-winning solutions are purpose built for PCI-compliant networks. Cradlepoint was the first to pioneer and fully enable high-speed LTE solutions to maximize the potential of the cloud for businesses worldwide. Cradlepoint is a privately held company in Boise, Idaho. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter @Cradlepoint.

Press Contact:
Ashley Baster