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Post-Pandemic Retail

How to improve customer experience through agile technologies



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During the global pandemic, retailers had to change their business models to create a safe environment for customers and staff alike. This led to rapid adoption of advanced technologies and applications, which wouldn’t have been possible without flexible connectivity.

These changes that became so prevalent during the pandemic have accelerated the transition to smart stores and opened new opportunities for retailers to use LTE and 5G networking solutions to better serve customers and improve operations both inside and outside the store.

Digital Signage

Stores can easily and instantaneously update signage based on menu updates, seasonal products changes, or personalized messaging.


46% of retailer leaders and 90% of all retailers identify adding self-checkout as another option for personalizing the customer experience.

Pick-Up Service

The buy-online-pickup-in-store model made up 5.5% of the 2020 revenue by purchase path. This way of purchasing combines the online and in-store experience to give customers a more convenient way to shop.

Point-of-Sale System

  • Store-owned mobile Point-of-Sale systems are currently deployed at 18% of retailers and are expected to increase to two-thirds by 2022.
  • 34% of retailers expect to refresh their POS infrastructure within the next year.

Bluetooth Sensors / Proximity Marketing

46.7% of retailers plan to deploy 5G technology within the next three years, opening up the opportunity for Bluetooth technology to optimize the shopping experience.

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RFID Inventory Management

RFID is a key technology that gives retailers the insight into inventory visibility to enable a successful customer experience. 36% of retailers name inventory visibility as a top priority.


36% of retailers intend to increase the number of mobile devices for employees to improve scheduling, compile data, monitor performance, and improve the customer experience.

Mobile Fleets

Cellular connectivity in vehicles will optimize delivery services for customers by improving GPS for shipment status updates.

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Pop-Up Store

Unique retail experiences like pop-up stores make up 2.5% of total retail revenue. They are expected to grow in popularity in the coming years because it physically takes retailers to where the customers are.

Personalized Marketing

Within the next year retailers plan to allocate between 1.1% to 5% of their total IT budget towards personalized marketing.

AI / Data Analytics

Augmented and virtual realities allow customers to indirectly experience a product before purchase. Retailers expect 5G to grow 11x in the next 2 years, which will support real-time personalization, focused marketing automation, heavier IoT implementation, and augmented/virtual reality.

Desktop E-Commerce

The popularity of online shopping continues to grow post pandemic. The forecasted sales for e-commerce is projected to increase by 9.7%.

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