Cradlepoint Solutions for M2M & IoT

Delivering in-the-machine reliability for in-the-field devices.

Reliable remote networking has never been simpler with WWAN networks. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT) have revolutionized the way many companies operate, dramatically reducing costs and improving accuracy by automating communications between central systems and remote devices – thus eliminating the need for people to intervene. That makes ease of use and reliability absolutely critical. If the technology doesn't go in quickly and easily, and perform as promised, the results can be quite costly.

M2M & IoT

Challenge: Keeping costs down and reliability up.

From automated transactions at DVD kiosks to remote energy-meter reading, success with M2M depends on easy low-cost installation and reliable day-to-day operations. The need for a wireless alternative. Sure, you can get a wired network into some M2M-IoT environments, but it’ll cost you, and in some places, like most retail kiosks, a wired connection isn’t even possible.

The need for a reliable solution: Just one incident of unreliability can undermine the whole cost advantage of M2M. Consider the cost to a retail installation if it goes offline and can’t process credit card transactions in real time.

The need to scale: 3G has its limits, especially as demand for M2M grows. To ensure long-term reliable service, carriers must be able to support more connections than 3G can currently handle.

Solution: M2M-IoT solutions from Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint provides off-the-shelf ease of use coupled with industry-leading reliability and scalability for M2M-IoT environments. Cradlepoint solutions give you the ability to easily set up an M2M network anywhere, regardless of space constraints or other connectivity challenges; and to keep it running reliably day in and day out, with little or no effort on your part.

Benefits: Easy to roll out and manage

Keeping it simple and scalable: That's the key to low-cost, long-term M2M-IoT reliability from Cradlepoint.

Off-the-shelf simplicity: Cradlepoint's off-the-shelf, ready-to-work solutions eliminate the cost and hassle of developing M2M technology solutions in-house.

Multiple-network interoperability: Cradlepoint offers M2M-IoT networking that works with any carrier's 3G/4G/LTE network, without any special configuration or other setup requirements.

Scalability: Cradlepoint supports 4G as well as WiFi-as-WAN, and these support more simultaneous connections, enabling carriers to better offer constant Internet connectivity for M2M-IoT applications.

Cloud management: with Cradlepoint's network management and application platform Enterprise Cloud Manager, rapidly deploy and manage geographically distributed M2M-IoT solutions with zero-touch configuration, real-time monitoring and device management, and analytics to manage security and PCI compliance.

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