Primary Networking Solutions

Brandband/MPLS + LTE

Go where connectivity has never gone before. Now, you can set up an instant primary Multi-WAN network anytime, and just about anywhere, when you need one.

Primary Networks

It can happen anywhere: a pop-up store, an outdoor sporting event, a construction site, even a remote beach; but whatever the setting, there have always been places where people have just accepted that there is no Internet connection. That’s changing now, as access to Internet connectivity grows more ubiquitous and the lack of it becomes less acceptable. In a world where people expect to be able to be connected all the time, the absence of access can put a business at a terrible disadvantage.

Challenge: How to connect where there’s no connection

Suppose you’re a retailer who wants to set up a kiosk at a community event for the weekend and you want to accept credit cards. Or perhaps you’re opening a location and your wired connection is delayed. Maybe you need your business network at a construction site until the build job is complete. Or you have been asked to BYON (bring your own network) into a big-box store to run your tax filing operation for tax season. In any of these instances, Cradlepoint, coupled with 3G/4G/LTE enables you to quickly connect to the Internet and set up a network in places you never could before.

Cradlepoint Primary Connect solutions are perfect for your business when:

You need a temporary network: If you’re going to be setting up temporarily, whether for a day or several months, you need a solution that is easy to set up and take down without the delays or costs of installing wires.

There are no existing wired lines or you don’t own the infrastructure: Even if the place you’ll be operating has the potential for connectivity, you’re not in a position to explore that option if it’s not your space.

You need permanent connectivity where traditional wired connectivity isn’t readily available: Whether in a rural location or at an ATM, a digital sign or gas pump, the need for connectivity may be inhibited by the lack of wired Internet availability.

Solution: Primary Connect

Cradlepoint’s Primary Connect offers both networking for your existing 3G/4G/LTE data plan as well as a complete, integrated solution for setting up a primary network connection anywhere, regardless of existing wired connectivity limitations. Our solutions are interoperable with virtually any network and are designed for easily deployable and manageable commercial applications.

Benefits: Easy, reliable connectivity whenever and wherever you need it

Primary Connect capabilities: Create your own Internet access where a wired or WiFi connection isn’t available. For locations without wire drops or WiFi, Primary Connect offers an easy, all-in-one solution for access.

Multiple-network interoperability: Primary Connect is designed to work with virtually any wireless network without any special configuration or other setup requirements.

Enterprise-grade technology: The Primary Connect solution includes an integrated modem with a built-in high-gain antenna for commercial-grade reception and bandwidth.

Enterprise-class security: Cradlepoint's sophisticated security protocols and applications are purpose-built for PCI Compliance, which is required for credit card processing.

Cut-the-Wire: Using Cradlepoint's dual modem solution for Primary Connect allows organization to "Cut-the-Wire" for combined high-speed wireless networks, benefit from load balancing, and have optimal network efficiency.

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