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Outsmarting an Outage — 6 Wireless Failover Strategies to Keeping the Lights On

February 02, 2021

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Event Description

Organizations can’t afford network downtime in buildings and fixed sites anywhere communication and vital operations take place. By running more of your mission-critical applications and company or agency workloads from the cloud, and with the average cost of IT downtime being $5,600 per minute, any loss of WAN bandwidth can inhibit operations and profits. Additionally, when a primary link goes down, IT remote management can’t see what is happening with the branch network unless they deploy a costly service “truck roll.”

This webinar will cover six WAN strategies for automatic failover, built on LTE and 5G technologies, that can help IT professionals build resiliency into their fixed-location connections and avoid costly network downtime.

What We’ll Cover:

  • How to improve network uptime and business continuity without impacting the existing WAN and data center infrastructure
  • Why increasing the diversity of network components and connections reduces single points of failure
  • When to use Wireless WAN links to cost-effectively accommodate traffic spikes
  • How to gain visibility into and troubleshoot devices once the primary WAN device is inaccessible
Emily Border, Sr. Marketing Manager, Cradlepoint | Moderator
Dee Dee Pare', Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cradlepoint

Dee Dee Paré is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Cradlepoint. During her 20 years in networking, Dee Dee has had a passion for marketing technology solutions surrounding 5G and LTE, enterprise networking, security, Smart Grid, and Internet of Things (IoT). Prior to Cradlepoint, she worked in product, solution, content, and enablement marketing for Cisco and Forescout. Dee Dee is based in Mountain View, Calif.

Anthony Lawson, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cradlepoint