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Webinar: A Closer Look — 5 Revelations from the Wireless WAN Survey

September 30, 2020

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Event Description

A recent survey of 499 IT decision-makers uncovered some unexpected trends in networking. While there have been prior surveys documenting how WANs are changing and SD-WAN use is growing, this is the first survey to look at the impact that cellular is having on WANs. The State of Wireless WAN 2020 is an exhaustive look at this impact and what IT professionals think about Wireless WANs, how they think their network will change as wireless use continues to grow, the relationship between SD-WAN and wireless, and the potential impact of 5G.

Join Donna Johnson and Ken Hosac for this in-depth look at the state of Wireless WAN and 5 revelations that might impact how you approach your WAN in the future.

Speaking sessions
Donna Johnson, VP of Product & Solution Marketing
Ken Hosac, VP of IoT Strategy & Business Development