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CPSEC-6: Meltdown & Spectre Security Updates

October 17, 2018

Summary: Two new vulnerabilities that affect many modern microprocessors were published on January 4th, 2018.

  • Meltdown, only affects Intel CPUs and can be fixed with an operating system patch.
  • Spectre, affects CPUs from AMD and ARM and requires a CPU design change and cannot be fixed in software.

These vulnerabilities could allow attackers to read the contents of memory used by other applications on the same server or even processes running in other virtual machines (VMs).

No Mitigation required, as Cradlepoint routers are not affected by either vulnerability. For more information or instructions, consult the Cradlepoint Knowledgebase or contact Cradlepoint Support.

Knowledge Article

CVE-2018-1028; 5754;5753 & 5715 NIST/NVD Detail