Series: How to Maximize Your Peak-Selling Season Blog 1

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Part 1: Profitability & Technology Now Go Hand-in-Hand

Retailers this year face a challenge and an opportunity to grab more than their fair share of what the National Retail Federation predicts will be a $602 billion peak season. Companies always compete on things like style, price, delivery, and loyalty. This year, however, stores will compete like never before to implement technology to help them understand customers, motivate them to buy, and maximize customer loyalty and lifetime value.

See You at INTEROP Las Vegas Next Week

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Are you going to INTEROP Las Vegas next week?

Be one of the first people to “Watch to Win” and see our latest technology that is launching at the show. If you book a new product demo you will be entered for a chance to win an Apple watch! Beyond scheduling a demo, Cradlepoint will also have fun events happening throughout the show. Join us at booth #1238 for sweets, drinks, and demo’s!

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The High Cost of Downtime Part 2

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As we discussed in our previous post about failover (The High Cost of Downtime Part 2), network outage can impact both revenue and reputation. In this post we will look at some of the connectivity options available, and provide some tips on 4G solutions that might be right for your organization.

High Cost of Downtime Part 1

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A tree falls in high winds. A snowstorm sweeps into town. A backhoe digs a little too far to the left. Lightning strikes a telephone pole. Floodwaters inundate city streets. All of these acts of nature (or of humans) threaten business continuity. When a business loses its Internet connections, it loses revenue; and a whole lot more.

Connectivity Anywhere, Anytime – Scale Computing Uses Cradlepoint

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There are lots of ways to get people interested in your product or service. You can hook them into your site with some good SEO, meet them on social media—maybe even advertise to them. But one of the most enduringly popular ways is to meet prospective customers in person.

Industry Groups Coordinate Cyber Threat Information Sharing

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Last fall, Cradlepoint CSO Kent Woodruff wrote a blog post about Adam Shostack’s theme for his opening address at 2014 BSidesLV. Shostack spoke at length about “information sharing as the ultimate act of self-preservation.” The exponential rise in criminal intrusions into public and private databases in the recent past has precipitated the creation of a number of information sharing organizations by both the private and public sectors.

6 Ways Cradlepoint Helps the Public Sector

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Technology has given us the power to see in real-time exactly how jobs are being performed. That information can lead to more efficient ways to get work done. For the public sector, that can result in better services to taxpayers and more money saved over all. We think we can provide the public sector with solutions that are smart, easy-to-use and that, at the end of the day, save organizations precious taxpayer dollars.

Utah Students Take a Remote Drive on a “Mars” Rock Yard

The RoboUtes are an interdisciplinary student organization at the University of Utah. For the past three years, they have participated in the RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops Competition. The 2015 version of their rover was equipped with a pair of Cradlepoint COR IBR650 routers.

Part 4: Cradlepoint + Zscaler Defeats Specific Security Threats

In my last post (Part 3: The Rise of Intelligent Routing) I talked about how Cradlepoint and Zscaler work together to create “intelligent routing” for Internet security and application control. We call it intelligent routing because once you configure the Zscaler Internet security on the Cradlepoint router, it routes web traffic in a specific way depending on the site the users are trying to access.

Part 3: Cradlepoint + Zscaler Defeats Specific Security Threats

In Part 1 of this series (Part One: Why are Branch Offices so Vulnerable?), I looked at some of the reasons why branch offices are so vulnerable to data breaches. In Part 2, (The changing face of malicious attacks), the topic was the new forms these attacks are taking. In Part 3, I’d like to talk about how the solution Cradlepoint has developed with Zscaler defeats these new attempts to access corporate networks.