Do More, Wire Less: LTE Successes in Transportation

LTE Transportation Networks

Amazing things can happen when we aren’t worried about connectivity. Whether we are at home or on the go, reliable connections have a positive impact on our lives: we can stay in touch with family, work more efficiently, and enjoy more flexibility. The same goes for the enterprise. When organizations are less concerned about their ability to connect their people, places and things, they are free to focus on more important elements that will drive their business forward.

Three Network Monitoring Best Practices for Wireless

Networking Monitoring and Alerting

Without the right network management tools and processes, integrating multiple WAN sources can be complex. Let’s discuss three best practices for scalable WWAN and multi-WAN network management.

What SDN is and Why it’s Important for the Enterprise


There are many potential benefits of SDN that should resonate with any CIOs who are reeling from the diverse and growing demands of data, cloud, mobility, and IoT on their networks.

Spring Launch 2016 Includes First LTE Advanced Routing Platforms

LTE Advanced

Cradlepoint is introducing the world’s first suite of LTE Advanced (LTE-A) routing platforms for branch and in-vehicle networks. New LTE-A modem technology enables improved speed and WAN resilience.

Schools & Districts Utilize VoIP to Reduce Costs

VoIP with 4G LTE

With recent changes to E-rate funding policies, many schools are turning to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems to create efficiencies and reap cost savings.

How Failover in Healthcare Saves Time, Money & Lives

Failover in Healthcare

In healthcare, failover solutions allow clinics and doctors’ offices to focus on their core mission of improving patient outcomes and the quality of patient care.

Wireless Networking Expands Possibilities for Smart Cities & Smart Communities

Smart Cities Buildings Management

"Most cities are becoming incrementally smarter all the time. You might not notice it on a day-to-day basis, but over time you see a big difference,” said Cradlepoint's Ken Hosac.

Watch Companies That are Having Success With 4G LTE

4G LTE Networking Success Stories

Watch these three short video success stories from customers who are seeing the many benefits of 4G LTE on their day-to-day operations and the bottom line.

3 Takeaways From RSA 2016

Security Best Practices

As usual, RSA included hot-button news stories (Apple vs. the federal government), calls to action, and a slew of over-the-top security technologies. Here are my three key takeaways from RSA 2016.

5 Reasons IT Managers Hate Network Downtime

Network Downtime

As enterprises examine the cost-benefit ratio of failover solutions to reduce downtime, it’s critical to have an accurate picture of how network downtime negatively impacts the company’s bottom line.