5 Myths About 4G LTE Networking

4G LTE Networking

Benefits of Cellular Connectivity Include Reliability and Cost

As with any concept, service, or trend, there are a lot of myths about 4G LTE networking. While many companies are "cutting the wire" — attracted by the seemingly limitless flexibility of wireless connectivity — others are considering a number of factors.

Here are some answers regarding five common myths about 4G LTE networking:

Redundancy and Diversity for Small/Medium Business (SMB) Customers

4G LTE and SaaS Enable Affordable Business Continuity

4G LTE and SaaS Enable Affordable Business Continuity

Guest Post by Randy LeBlanc, Business Channel Manager, Asavie

Business continuity and business resumption are just as critical for small/medium business (SMB) customers as large enterprise customers. Ask any IT manager and they will tell you they want a network that is completely redundant and diverse. But can they afford to implement that level of protection?

3 Scary Network Security Challenges

Scary Network Security Challenges

Mitigating Risk for Distributed Enterprises Requires a Comprehensive Approach

This time of year, with Halloween approaching, people get really excited about being scared — but for IT managers, spooky network threats are no laughing matter.

5 Network On-Ramps to Guard

Mitigating Security Risks for Distributed Enterprises Requires a Comprehensive Approach

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies are presenting new ways for hackers to attack your company’s network — and an influx of security challenges for IT managers and end users to consider.

Foundations of Network Security Include Architecture, Communication

Foundations of Network Security

Mitigating Risk for Distributed Enterprises Requires Comprehensive Approach

The ever-rising prevalence of network attacks on distributed enterprises — evidenced by many high-profile data breaches at large companies — has IT managers researching a wide variety of ways to mitigate security risk.

4G LTE Expands Public Sector Productivity

Wireless WAN Enables In-Vehicle Connectivity, Failover, and More

The rapidly expanding use of technology — both mobile and stationary — in Canada’s public sector presents IT managers with unique challenges and opportunities. These network professionals are called upon to balance the need for cost savings with continual efforts to improve how their agencies use innovative technology and applications to serve the public.

4G on the Move: Wireless Networks in Transportation

4G on the Move

Reduce Costs by Running Your Organization More Efficiently

Originally posted on Cradlepoint EMEA LinkedIn by Hubert Da Costa, Vice President, EMEA, at Cradlepoint, Inc.

My colleague Matt recently published a blog about the benefits of offering customer WiFi within retail locations and restaurants, but what’s the state of play for those industries and services that are constantly on the go?

10 Ways to Become an IT Budget Hero in 2016

IT Budget Hero in 2016

IT Managers Can Save Time and Money For Their Companies With 4G LTE Networking

For distributed enterprise IT departments, time equals money. With a new fiscal year right around the corner for many, anything the IT team can deploy to improve operational efficiency adds key value and helps “future-proof” the company.

The evolution of wireless networking and 4G LTE has provided IT managers with several ways to become an IT budget hero in 2016:

Why 'Exploitable' is the New Word for 'Smart' in the IoT

Security for IoT

As IoT Market Expands, Tech Companies Put Security at Top of Agenda

Guest Post by Alan Wickham, Network Systems Specialist, Asavie

Connectivity Enables Smart Cities, Smart States, Smarter World

Connectivity Enables Smart Cities

Sensors and 4G LTE Wireless Networks Revolutionize Public Sector Cost-Efficiency

The influx of wireless connectivity, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT) has had dramatic effects on individuals’ lifestyles and the day-to-day operations of companies. For the public sector, connectivity is improving the well-being of the communities being served.