IoHT Challenges & Opportunities

The Internet of Healthcare Things is transforming the way medical providers promote healthy lifestyles to the well and diagnose and treat the sick. The benefits of IoHT include a reduction in the cost of care (and thus the potential to slow down the rate of medical premium increases), a healthier general population, better outcomes for the sick, and the ability of older people to receive care in their homes instead of at the hospital.

5 Reasons Police & Public Safety Embrace 4G LTE

4G LTE for Police

Police departments across the world are seeing the benefits of 4G LTE solutions purpose-built for the public sector, as have many first responder units. This blog explores the five reasons police and public safety agencies are embracing 4G LTE.

Defining Success by the Planks of Your Network Platform

Right Mix of 4G LTE

There are several facets of a comprehensive network. Simply connecting data sources is not enough to make you successful. Not only do you have to concern yourself with connectivity, but also just as critical to your platform are maintainability, reliability, security, and how you utilize both cloud and Edge computing.

Series: Wireless Connectivity is Changing Our World - Part 2

Drone in a field

Unique Ideas for New Innovations with 4G LTE Connectivity

The exponential increase of use in wireless connectivity technology can at times be overwhelming or surprising. In the wonderfully creative way humans can be, innovative use cases are popping up all over the news. This blog examines many non-conventional ways 4G LTE is transforming how we live and do business.

Introducing a New Cradlepoint R&D Blog


Cradlepoint started as a router company. Over time we evolved to be a router company and cloud solutions company. Today Cradlepoint has a Research & Development (R&D) organization split between these two functions: one group dedicated to extending the capabilities in our routing platforms, the other group dedicated to building highly reliable, exceedingly scalable, secure cloud applications. Today I will focus on our cloud platform, delivered as Software as a Service (abbreviated in the industry as “SaaS”).

Future-Proof Against the Changing Network Landscape

Ken Silay,  Leader – Innovation and Technology Management

Highlight: Ken Silay, Leader – Innovation and Technology Management

Turkey Races into the Future with 4G Technology


With so much opportunity in Turkey, it is an exciting new business arena for Cradlepoint. Specialising in fully PCI-compliant network failover solutions, with features such as Out-of-Band Management and products to meet the needs of consumer, business, and M2M-IoT applications, our products offer the perfect solution for finance, transportation, healthcare, education, and construction industries. We have partnered with Encore, our regional value-added distributor, to bring Cradlepoint solutions to the market in Turkey. They have extensive knowledge of the banking, transportation, and hospitality industries – and are the leaders in retail automation POS terminals.

Customer Success Series: Cake Boss to Tech Boss

Carlo's Bakery

Our success is measured by the success of each of our customers. Their stories are our stories and we make every story count. Cradlepoint would clearly not be at the level we are if it were not for our awesome customers. Keeping that in mind, we would like to turn the spotlight to Carlo’s Bakery. In response to the evolving technology needs of Carlo’s Bakery, the company turned to Cradlepoint’s ARC Series and Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) SaaS management platform.

Expanding & Implementing Mobile Healthcare

The connected ambulance enabled mobile connectivity

In this blog, we look at specific examples of Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) enabled mobile and/or decentralized healthcare. All of these examples depend on secure, reliable Internet connectivity to improve the health of the general population.

10 Reasons to Thank a System Administrator

SysAdmins are the unsung heroes of the modern workplace.

SysAdmins are the unsung heroes of the modern workplace. They’re like that ultra-competent person in Sci-Fi movies who saves the day but sacrifices his or her life for “the cause.” Today, on national System Administrator Appreciation Day, let’s celebrate these heroes of the network. Here are 10 reasons to thank a System Administrator.