5 Ways 4G LTE is Improving Healthcare

5 Ways 4G LTE is Improving Healthcare

Patients and Medical Professionals Benefit From Wireless Connectivity

Advancements in technology and connectivity are simultaneously improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare. One of the most powerful factors in the rapid evolution of healthcare IT has been the development of 4G LTE networking.

Store of the Future Presents More Networking Challenges, Opportunities

Store of the future

IT Teams Save Time, Money With 4G LTE Networking

As IT professionals at distributed enterprises can attest, the explosive growth of wireless WAN (WWAN) is revolutionizing the retail industry.

The Store of the Future is here now — and with it comes more of everything. More cost flexibility. Improved connectivity. Additional applications. Better agility and scalability.

4G LTE Keeps University Services Separate, Secure

Education Expands Use of 4G LTE

Education Expands Use of 4G LTE

University campuses are a lot like mini-cities — offering many of the same services and facing similar security challenges.

Many universities have their own police departments, bus systems, restaurants, entertainment complexes, stores, gyms, libraries, classrooms, laboratories, sports complexes, power and electrical supply facilities, and housing units. All of these require Internet connectivity.

School Districts Use In-Vehicle Networking to Improve Learning, Safety

School Bus WiFi

Education Expands Use of 4G LTE

The ability of public sector organizations to cost-effectively serve constituents increasingly depends on reliable connectivity — and education is no exception. School districts are finding innovative ways to use scalable, secure 4G LTE solutions to improve off-campus learning.

In this three-part series, we look at how K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities are using wireless network solutions to save money, provide more services to students, and increase safety both in school and on buses.

Series: Wired to Wireless Connectivity is Changing the World - Part 3

Wearable Tech

As I dive further into the technology world, I'm seeing a few Internet of Things (IoT) technology trends that are taking over the fashion world. The newest fad of wearables seems to be here to stay and is transforming our interaction with technology. In this blog I will discuss some of the wearables on the market today and how they are being used.

You’ve Got Fire and Flood Insurance, But are You Prepared For a Network Emergency?

Emergency Preparedness

If you are involved in your organization's IT strategy, emergency preparedness includes protecting against loss of business-critical network connectivity. Cradlepoint solutions offer failover for business continuity.

Making Direct Internet Access Safe for the Distributed Enterprise

Network Security Challenges at the Edge

For the distributed enterprise, emerging technology and tools are a blessing and a curse. They can benefit a company’s efficiency, but they also present additional security challenges at the Edge.

The Connected Customer is Always Right

Cradlepoint UK

The UK customer wants to be able to get online anywhere, and implementing free WiFi is a cost-effective way for merchants to maximise the opportunities.

Katrina Underscored Importance of 4G LTE Connectivity During Emergencies

Hurricane Season

When natural disasters strike — and they do, in various forms, all year long — every person and group views the devastation through a different lens. When Hurricane Katrina destroyed huge swaths of the Gulf Coast 10 years ago, Cradlepoint had a unique lens: we were asked to help keep companies and communities connected at a time when communication was essential.