M2M & Internet of Healthcare Things

The Internet of Healthcare Things

American healthcare is at a crossroads. Barreling down the highway in one direction is the relentless rise of the cost of medical care. In the other direction comes a desire on the part of patients and doctors to use modern medicine to stay healthy, not to get well. The result is a shifting of our understanding of what our national health care system should look like. One thing just about everyone seems to agree on is the critical role that technology is starting to play in transforming our current system to meet both of these objectives. No technology is showing more promise than the intersection of M2M (Machine-to Machine) and creating the Internet of Healthcare Things enabled by 4G LTE.

Series: Wireless Connectivity is Changing Our World - Part 1

Wild Hog Verizon TWRA Mobile Solution

In this three part blog series, I will cover examples and use cases of wireless technology changing our lives in very unexpected ways. This first installment touches on a unique solution for a certain dirty animal difficulty. The wild hog is single-handedly Tennessee’s most destructive animal. Two years ago, the Tennessee Wildlife Federation (TWRA) focused statewide to help private landowners assess and avoid crop damage done by these wild hogs. TWRA turned to modern technology to aid them in this outlandish issue.

Customer Success: United Oil Cuts-the-Wire

United Oil connected gas station

United Oil used Cradlepoint to ensure that they had sufficient bandwidth to run the many custom applications, including a cloud based time keeping system, a centralized back office system used to control POS and product promotions, and an inventory control system, that they had developed in house.

Series: How to Maximize Your Peak Selling Season Blog 6

Pop-up connectivity for retail application

Pop-Up Retail: WWAN as Pop-Up Connectivity Solution just makes sense. It would seem pretty clear that setting up a wireless network makes a lot more sense than using a hard-wired connection to get network connectivity to your pop-up retail location. But let’s look at some specific ways that a WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) can make your peak-selling season at your pop-up location successful.

LTE High-Speed Networking for Business

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Transforming Connectivity with 4G in the UK

Innovating the QSR Experience

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There is no denying that technology is taking over just about every aspect of our lives. Most welcome it with open arms since it is usually easing small frustrations in our day-to-day agendas. The food and beverage industry has been one in particular that appreciated this technology and its advancements. Quick service restaurants (QSR) such as Hardee’s and McDonald’s have found different ways to better their service and enhance customer experience by installing kiosks in their chains. Taking it to the next level, Chili’s installed interactive digital signage in the tables for a range of purposes from satisfaction improvement to an increase of sales. These three restaurants, and many others, are finding success in digital signage and kiosk applications and it’s becoming apparent that QSR’s and fast-casual restaurants should incorporate this technology within their own organization.

Series: How to Maximize Your Peak Selling Season Blog 5

a Point-of-Sale machine

I should say at the outset that there is a wide range of pop-up options and objectives. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The suggestions I offer below will help you think about ways to efficiently create a more technologically advanced site—one that gets you ready for peak season by enabling your pop-up location to do it all: meet PCI DSS 3.0 standards, conduct mobile POS and inventory management, perform surveillance and loss protection, provide phone service, mobile receipt printing, and ensure a high level of network uptime with immediate failover.

Raising Cane's Restaurants Have an Intelligent Network

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The combined solution of Cradlepoint AER 2100 devices and Cradlepoint Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) enables Raising Cane’s to intelligently manage their converged wired and wireless connectivity, utilize advanced security applications like IPS/IDS - all while enabling PCI compliance. This allows Severns and his team to centrally configure, monitor, and manage the Raising Cane’s network with ease.

Series: How to Maximize Your Peak Selling Season Blog 4

Pop-up retail store in city center

In this fourth part of the blog series, "How to Maximize Your Peak Selling Season," we will take a closer look at pop-up stores. Specifically, we’ll examine: why so many retail enterprises have made pop-up/mobile stores central to their corporate strategies and where consumers are likely to find them, the unique problems pop-up stores pose to corporate IT departments and how wireless network solutions solve those problems, and considerations to take before launching a pop-up retail location.

Virtual Reality Technologies: Bringing Ecommerce Back In Store

Smart Dressing Room Mirrors

Conquering the bittersweet threat of online shopping has been a challenge for some brick and mortar retail enterprises. In an article written by Sarah Halzack of the Washington Post in early May called, “Ever wanted to base jump? North Face wants you to try it – in its stores,” Halzack discusses how the growing technology industry has produced multiple virtual reality solutions that are innovating the in-store experience. Virtual technologies have been around for a while, but have never quite hit the consumer market in an astounding way as they are now. As these innovations slowly creep into our every day world, our brains are being tricked into thinking what we’re seeing is real.