Spring Launch 2016 Includes First LTE Advanced Routing Platforms

LTE Advanced

Cradlepoint Enhances Failover, Out-of-Band Management, Fixed-Edge Routing, and Cloud Management

It’s springtime at Cradlepoint, and there’s plenty in bloom. The 2016 Spring Launch has ushered in new products and services that will help organizations boost their network performance and cost efficiencies.

First to Support LTE Advanced

Cradlepoint is introducing the world’s first suite of LTE Advanced (LTE-A) routing platforms for branch and in-vehicle networks. New LTE-A modem technology enables improved speed and WAN resilience.

Already the leader in 4G LTE WAN connectivity, Cradlepoint now supports LTE-A in these router series:

  • AER Series
  • ARC CBA850
  • COR IBR1100

LTE Advanced is the next major evolution in LTE networks. It is up to 3 times faster than the first generation of LTE (Category 3), offering higher capacity with additional LTE bands available that can be aggregated to increase capacity. Here’s how it works:

LTE Advanced illustration

These new modems also feature SIM-based auto carrier selection, which streamlines setup and configuration, and enables customers to remain nimble in response to the latest carrier technology.

Enhancements to Industry-Leading Failover with Out-of-Band Management

Cradlepoint’s industry-leading wireless broadband failover solutions have been providing “four-nines” uptime and Out-of-Band Management for years, and now these services are even better.

With enhanced failover/failback, Cradlepoint’s CBA850 platform can manage failover between multiple WAN links. This inline failover feature solves the problem of limited WAN ports. You can remotely manage failover/failback configurations for all deployments through NetCloud Manager.

The speed of Cradlepoint failover has improved, too. The CBA850’s new Modem Standby Mode enables faster failover than ever before — without having to use additional data.

Cradlepoint also has enhanced the ability of its wireless failover solutions to provide secure, remote console Out-of-Band Management. Now managers can troubleshoot devices beyond the primary router through CLI access. This feature means any device on your LAN can be managed through your failover solution in a secure manner.

Expanded Fixed-Edge Routing Capabilities

Also this spring: more robust enterprise routing capabilities in our Edge solutions. For instance, through NetCloud Manager, you can now copy configurations from devices/groups to other groups that have different firmware versions. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Implement broader range of network architectures on Edge routers
  • Optimize resource usage with route filters
  • Configure policies to steer traffic using IP Address or interface
  • Use BGP multipath for packet-based load balancing
  • Better visibility and debugging capabilities in CLI

Efficient Data Offload for Transportation Fleets

Home Station Fast Data Offload is taking WiFi as WAN to a new level by enabling secure, efficient, and much faster offload of vehicle-stored data when a fleet vehicle connects to a home station network.

For example, when a metro bus with Cradlepoint’s COR IBR1100 platform pulls into a home station, the on-board DVR system can connect to “home station” WiFi via a dedicated 5GHz WiFi channel, facilitating efficient uploading of video and other content — and getting the bus back in service incredibly quickly.

More Robust Remote Cloud Management

Managing complicated network configurations is much easier with updates to Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager.

By clearly differentiating between group and individual configurations for any device, NCM ensures advanced visibility and management of device configuration. It’s an easier, faster way to keep track of which individual configurations are overriding their group configurations.

Also, the new centralized SIM tracking and inventory management feature uses SIMs’ ICCIDs to help organizations better match and compare carrier invoice data with their NCM reports. It’s a streamlined approach to data usage monitoring for the distributed enterprise.

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