Woktenna: My Homemade Antenna for 3G – Cradlepoint in Action Photo Contest

The Cradlepoint in Action Photo Contest was held March 1–April 12, 2013. We invited our customers to tell their stories of how they use Cradlepoint products, with the winners determined by votes on Facebook. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing some of their stories.

Deborah Goehring is "retired and rewired in Nicaragua" – she lives on Ometepe Island and keeps up a steady stream of communication with friends and family.

I confess that I am an internet junkie. I can’t imagine life before the internet. With reliable access to the internet, I can teach online classes, find online games and activities for ESL, contact my friends and family through Skype, update my blog, check daily news, and post on Facebook.

Just a few years ago, Deborah didn't have any Internet options at home: she had to walk into town to an Internet cafe to get a connection. As cellular networks spread, she eventually had access to 3G, but a volcano next to her home blocked the cell tower and left her with a weak signal. She had to sit outside with the modem oriented just right to get a decent connection.

That's when she got creative.


She built a a "woktenna" from an old wok lid and hooked it up to a Cradlepoint router for WiFi. The whole setup includes lots of duct tape, a 20 ft. USB cord, and a backup power supply (they lose electricity daily).

Thanks to my woktenna and Cradlepoint we can have a strong, reliable internet in my house on a tropical island, in the middle of a gigantic lake, in the middle of Nicaragua, in the middle of Central America.

Come on now, isn't this creative?

Yes, it is, Deborah.


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