Helping to Serve and Protect

Boise Police Department Cruiser

pretty cool when you have a chance to help the men and women who protect our communities everyday. Recently, Cradlepoint had the opportunity to do just that by participating in a pilot project with the Boise Police Department, providing 4G wireless hotspots in their patrol cars. The benefit to officers is that they can remain in their assigned patrol area, accessing central databases and filing reports directly from their vehicles without having to return to the station. This keeps officers out in their neighborhoods, serving citizens, instead of being buried with paperwork. Helping to solve connectivity challenges like this is why we at Cradlepoint do what we do.

"We've struggled for some time," shares Capt. Eugene Smith with BPD. "We had tried several [mobile hotspots] and we had two types of problems. Either we couldn't find one that could stand up to the rigors of an entire day of service, or the price was prohibitive." In Cradlepoint, BPD found strong, secure routers that address both issues.

The Cradlepoint COR series is ideal for deployment in vehicle situations like this one where 24/7 connectivity is a must have but a wired Internet connection is impossible. The rugged, highly featured compact routers are designed for the most critical business and enterprise applications with the security and speed of 4G LTE.

Today, after the success of the pilot project, the Boise Police Department is outfitting all of their marked cruisers and most of the unmarked vehicles with the Cradlepoint COR IBR600.  Read the full story about BPD's deployment of Cradlepoint solutions here.