Solution Customization Capabilities

Cradlepoint Platform Extensibility

Cradlepoint Extensibility enables developers to build custom applications and vertical solutions by extending key elements of the Cradlepoint platform. By leveraging our hardware, firmware and cloud services, developers can add differentiation and unique value to the solutions they offer.

Building on the Cradlepoint platform ensures more customer-specific needs can be addressed and increases overall solution value.

COR Extensibility Dock

Cradlepoint COR Extensibility Dock



Extend select Cradlepoint COR Family routers with an additional modem, additional Ethernet ports, and more general purpose input/outputs (GPIOs).






Build custom vertical applications securely running at the edge, protected on device, and deployed through the cloud. Manage, deploy, and monitor customer edge applications from the cloud across the entire fleet.



NetCloud API

Cradlepoint NCM API icon


Integrate easily with enterprise applications using Cradlepoint NetCloud's open API allowing automated data transfer through the cloud.




Developer Community

Cradlepoint Developer Community icon


Developer Community to leverage knowledge, share, and collaborate with other developers. One stop shop.