The Cradlepoint FirstConnectTM Program was initiated to set first responder agencies up for success. With access to mission-critical technology and applications, first responders can act faster, improve communication, and better protect their communities.

The program is free of charge to Cradlepoint state and local law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services customers.

Email to learn how this program can benefit your agency.

Cradlepoint FirstConnect Program

The Benefits Included in FirstConnect:

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Grant Assistance

Cradlepoint is sponsoring a grant finding and assistance program for law enforcement and fire agencies as part of the Cradlepoint FirstConnect initiative for first responders. This program is powered by PoliceOne and Fire-RescueOne, the largest network of grant resources for public safety, to help agencies obtain funding for the technology solutions they require.  Please visit the Grant Assistance Program for more information:


FirstConnect 911

First Responders will have priority access to support channels via phone, the Customer Connect Portal, and online chat when they need it. All our team members are highly trained with advanced network certifications. Current First Responder customers can fill out the registration form on the side of this website page to receive FirstConnect membership and a unique FirstConnect 911 support number for prioritized support services. 


Tailored Training

IT and other operational personnel responsible for the configuration, deployment, management, and troubleshooting of Cradlepoint solutions will have access to a tailored end-user training curriculum delivered online at Cradlepoint University (CPU).

The Cradlepoint First Responder Networks Curriculum is comprised of multiple courses that provide information on first responder challenges, which are addressed by Cradlepoint solutions and use cases.

Finally, the Network Associate and Network Professional curricula provide a deep dive into Cradlepoint’s NetCloud software service to aid in configuration, deployment, and network management, as well as Cradlepoint’s security capabilities.


Partner Installer Network

Emergency vehicles have unique requirements when it comes to the installation of in-vehicle routers, including vehicle wiring, antenna selection and placement, and connections to OBDII ports, sensors, sirens, and lights. Cradlepoint provides access to its network of experienced partners, installers, and upfitters so first responder agencies can accelerate roll-outs while minimizing vehicle downtime.

This is for agencies who do not currently have a reseller or installer with those capabilities. Please contact for referrals to partners and installers.



As part of Cradlepoint’s commitment to "Connect & Serve" those who protect and serve, the Cradlepoint Cares™ program will donate to charities that are dedicated to first responders and their families. Each year, Cradlepoint will make this donation in honor of the agencies that purchase from us.



Are you a Cradlepoint customer but not enrolled?