An IoT Story: Connecting & Securing Living Walls

Enterprises like Sagegreenlife are constantly innovating new ways to turn data from IoT devices into a strategic competitive advantage — and finding best practices to address their challenges.

Sagegreenlife’s living walls, which serve companies by bringing nature into man-made spaces, required an easy-to-use and customizable IoT solution that would allow its field operations team to remotely monitor various facets of the irrigation and power systems that support the plants — leveraging both cloud services and highly reliable network connectivity. Otherwise, the greenery would die, customers would be unhappy, and Sagegreenlife’s brand credibility would be at risk.

Watch our live webinar with Harry Eschel, Sagegreenlife’s Vice President of Products, to explore how the company uses Azure IoT Central and Cradlepoint’s LTE edge network solutions to discover and address system problems from headquarters. Also learn how Sagegreenlife did all of this without specialized developers.