The broadest portfolio of private network solutions — provided by Cradlepoint and Ericsson

In big, sweeping areas where Wi-Fi isn’t realistic and public cellular is either not available or too expensive for the sheer amount of data coming and going, private 5G and LTE provide an answer — combining the control of Wi-Fi with the benefits of cellular, including increased reach, reliability, and security. Private network solutions from Cradlepoint and Ericsson support any enterprise IT/OT organization’s business critical applications and devices.


Get more reach for Wireless LAN


Seize more network control and reliability

Provide robust LAN connectivity with fewer radios and zero outside competition for bandwidth. Also, prioritize traffic whenever you want and however you need — on a user-by-user or application-by-application basis. Let your network, not devices, call the shots. 


Provide better security than Wi-Fi

Private networks are designed to keep data exactly that — private. End-to-end security is built-in from core to edge down to the device level, ensuring that data is more secure and inaccessible to outside parties. 

End-to-end solution built for IT

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End-to-end solution for complex industrial environments


Edge endpoints for any scenario


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