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Cradlepoint and Ericsson provide the broadest portfolio of private network solutions

In big, sweeping areas where Wi-Fi isn’t realistic and public cellular is either not available or too expensive for the sheer amount of data coming and going, private 5G and LTE provide an answer — combining the control of Wi-Fi with the benefits of cellular, like increased coverage, capacity, and security. Private network solutions from Cradlepoint and Ericsson offer the most flexibility, simplicity, and security to support any enterprise IT/OT organization’s business critical applications and devices.

Private 5G and LTE solutions built for business, industry, communities, and government

Get more security, reliability, and agility with the unmatched performance and reach of advanced cellular connectivity. Discover the broadest portfolio of private network solutions supporting use cases across businesses, industries, communities, and government.

  • Education: Fixed wireless access for remote learning
  • Buildings and Campuses: Connected security cameras and access control systems
  • Smart Cities: Environmental sensors, intelligent traffic control, smart lighting, and EV chargers
  • Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses: Quality control sensors or cameras, asset monitoring, and autonomous vehicles
  • Venues and Hospitality: POS, communications, cameras, and IoT sensors
  • Transportation Hubs: Sea cargo ports, airports, and rail yards
  • Industrial: Mining, energy, offshore and processing refineries

NetCloud Private Networks

NetCloud Private Networks is an end-to-end private cellular network solution designed for the needs of today’s dynamic enterprise IT ecosystems. This solution provides everything organizations need to build and operate private LTE and 5G (coming soon) networks with cloud-native operations, scalability, plug-and-play deployment, and zero-trust access.

Explore NetCloud Private Networks

Private Network Endpoints

Cradlepoint routers and adapters are fully compatible with NetCloud Private Networks and Ericsson Private 5G and feature end-to-end cloud management, orchestration, and security solutions. Choose your endpoint with specialized product attributes including PoE, Wi-Fi 6, container orchestration, hazardous location ruggedization, gigabit Ethernet, and many more.


Ericsson Private 5G

Ericsson Private 5G is a comprehensive private network solution engineered for the demands of more complex and industrial operating environments. The solution is prepackaged, modular, secure, and flexible with advanced features and capabilities.


Build your private cellular network with ease

NetCloud Private Networks and Ericsson Private 5G remove the complexities of building, managing, and maintaining a private cellular network by providing a simple, secure, and scalable connectivity solution for your business-critical applications and devices.


Have peace of mind with a Wi-Fi-like experience

Bundled in one package, NetCloud Private Networks includes everything that you need to get your private network up and running on day one. Leverage existing IT network and policy frameworks to augment or replace your enterprise Wi-Fi solution.


Leverage cellular while paying nothing for data

OpEx can escalate in a large-scale private network deployment. Deploy routers and cellular clients on 4G or 5G licensed, unlicensed, or shared spectrum including CBRS OnGo’s Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) — reducing your monthly data bills to zero.


Roll out new levels of network security

Private networks are designed to keep data exactly that — private. End-to-end security is built-in from core to edge down to the device level, ensuring that data is more secure and inaccessible to outside parties.


Guarantee excellent connection performance for all

Provide robust LAN connectivity with fewer radios and zero outside competition for bandwidth. Also, prioritize traffic whenever you want and however you need — on a user-by-user or application-by-application basis.


Maximize your IT team with centralized management

Whether your organization has 1 site or 100, and 50 routers or 5,000, monitor and manage them all with Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager. It’s one platform with single-pane-of-glass visibility for all your configuration changes and network performance and security analytics.

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