Zscaler Internet Security

Policy in the Cloud, Enforcement at the Edge

Zscaler Internet Security

Combined with Cradlepoint cloud-managed networking solutions, Zscaler Internet Security enables enterprises to embrace cloud applications and mobility, while delivering a superior user experience. Configured in minutes, Zscaler Internet Security leverages the threat intelligence harnessed from the Zscaler cloud. Now any business, regardless of size, can connect to the Internet with confidence.





Transparently enforce security & corporate policies from any device without impacting end-user experience.

Zscaler Inspect Direct to Internet Traffic

Direct-to-Cloud Security Powered by Zscaler


Intuitive dashboard provides instant insight into malicious activity and Internet browsing trends.

Zscaler screen shot

Zscaler Threat Dashboard


Configure in minutes and filter domains for all Internet connection requests by intelligently routing traffic to permissible Internet sites and blocking access to known malicious/unauthorized sites.


Limit liability by filtering salacious sites and provide instant protection against malware, botnets, adware, phishing attacks, and suspicious destinations.

Internet Bound Traffic

Intelligent Routing for Internet Bound Traffic


Select one of four risk tolerance settings to instantly enforce common policies. Alternatively, select specific Internet browsing categories to create a custom policy.


Cloud deployed and managed with no patching, no updates, and no buying excess capacity. Scale as you need capacity.

UTM Solution

When purchased with CP Secure Threat Management, Zscaler Internet Security delivers a complete hybrid (On-Premise/Cloud-Managed) UTM Solution.

A Layered Security Approach for Defense In-Depth:

  • Best-of-Breed Security Partners (Zscaler, Trend Micro, Asavie)
  • Single management console
  • Ideally sized for distributed enterprises

UTM Illustration



  • URL Filtering: Filter against more than 90 categories, 30 super categories, and 6 classes
  • Security: Blocking web-based threats including Malicious content, Botnets, Advanced Persistent Threats, Browser exploits, and phishing attacks
  • Safe Search: Enforce Google safe search policy
  • Low Latency & Transparent Redirection: Enforce policies and protections that guarantee zero downtime and latency
  • Cloud Application Control: Create global policies for content filtering policy and security
  • Customized Policy & Reporting: Administrators manage their own policy – with changes instantly reflected across the cloud
  • Simplified Management: Select one of four risk tolerance settings to enforce common policies
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Instant insights into malicious activity and Internet browsing trends



Technical Features

Ease of Deployment
Granular Control (Location)
DynDNS Support
Basic Malware Protection
URL level filtering
SSL Proxy
Advanced APT Malware Protection
Safe Search Enforcement
Multiple Policies Per Location
Real-time / Automated Reporting
Proven Scalability
Simple / Location Based Pricing


Knowledge Base Articles

  • NCOS: Configuring Zscaler Internet Security

    This document covers the steps and necessary guidelines to enable Cradlepoint Routers with Zscaler Internet Security.

  • Updating Zscaler Certificates

    This article will walk through the process of updating the Zscaler Certificates that comes pre-loaded on the router firmware. The will walk through removing the original Zscaler Certificates, uploading the new ones from the .p12 file downloaded below, and referencing the new certificate in the Zscaler Internet Security using a TLS Tunnel. The configuration below will outline the steps for ECM, but this can also be performed on the router locally.

  • Configuring Zscaler Internet Security

    This document covers the steps and necessary guidelines to enable CradlePoint Routers with Zscaler Internet Security.

  • Zscaler Secure Web Gateway

    The document is intended to assist users in configuring a Cradlepoint router to use Zscaler Secure Web Gateway

  • NCOS: CLI - Troubleshooting Zscaler

    This articles describes several examples of how to check the status of Zscaler through the CLI.

  • How to request a Zscaler Internet Security trial

    This article provides some commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions regarding Zscaler Internet Security.

  • Cradlepoint Zscaler Internet Security Outage

  • NCOS: Configuring Network Web Filter Rules

    This document is intended to assist a field engineer with configuring a Series 3 CradlePoint router with multiple content filtering instances for different VLANs. These directions demonstrate how each IP network may be configured with its own content filtering settings to allow or prevent access to designated URLs or IP addresses.

  • NCOS: Zscaler Secure Web Gateway

    Setting up Zscaler Secure Web Gateway for content filtering in a Series 3 Cradlepoint with NCOS 6.0 or later.

  • Notice: Zscaler Internet Security User Interface Update

    Cradlepoint is informing you of a significant enhancement to the user interface for Zscaler Internet Security.

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How to Buy

How To Buy

To purchase Cradlepoint products and services, contact your Approved Cradlepoint Partner.




Product Requirements

NetCloud Manager (NCM) — Standard or PRIME — is required to purchase Zscaler Internet Security.

Supported Cradlepoint Routers

Part Numbers


Product Name Part No. Description
Zscaler Internet Security 1-yr ZSCL-1YR 1-yr subscription per router for Zscaler Internet Security
Zscaler Internet Security 3-yr ZSCL-3YR 3-yr subscription per router for Zscaler Internet Security


Internet Security Solution Bundles

NetCloud Manager + Zscaler Internet Security

Product Name Part No. Description
Zscaler + Standard ISEC-BNDL-1YR 1-yr NetCloud Manager + 1-yr Zscaler Internet Security
Zscaler + Standard ISEC-BNDL-3YR 3-yr NetCloud Manager + 3-yr Zscaler Internet Security
Zscaler + PRIME ISEC-P-BNDL-1YR 1-yr NetCloud Manager PRIME + 1-yr Zscaler Internet Security
Zscaler + PRIME ISEC-P-BNDL-3YR 3-yr NetCloud Manager PRIME + 3-yr Zscaler Internet Security

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