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Provide Internet access to students in their neighborhoods


Installing cellular routers on school buses can enable Internet access for at-home students

Internet access is something many of us take for granted. Whether at home or at work, we expect to be able to access content from around the world in an instant. But that’s not true for everyone, and the recent events that have forced many students out of school buildings and into home learning have brought this reality to the forefront. On-line classes require one to be on-line and the unfortunate truth is that not everyone has that luxury.

recent blog from the Open Technology Institute written by Amir Nasr sums it up well.

“The divide between students who have broadband and those who do not, known as the homework gap, has long been a problem — an estimated 12 million children do not have internet access at home. That divide disproportionately harms historically marginalized communities and rural and tribal areas. The Pew Research Center reported that 17 percent of U.S. teenagers surveyed said they are either often or sometimes unable to complete homework due to a lack of a reliable internet connection or computer.”

School districts are trying to address this education equity issue in a variety of ways. Some are keeping schools open for a limited number of students. Some are providing cellular-enabled connections for individual students. And some are bringing the Internet to neighborhoods via the traditional school bus. By installing cellular-connected routers with Wi-Fi access capability in a school bus and parking that bus in a neighborhood, students can access the Internet and lessons from their phone, tablet or computer.

Cradlepoint is working with its partners to help expedite this process and get Internet access added to as many school buses as possible. The Cradlepoint NetCloud Mobile Advanced solution with the IBR1700 is ideally suited to this task. It can connect up to 100 people at a time with full, integrated CJIS-compliant security capabilities. This includes threat protection and content filtering to minimize the risk of malware or access to inappropriate or dangerous web content. And the Gigabit-class LTE modem provides sufficient bandwidth for those students to access learning resources and on-line content.

During this time, it’s critical to keep students engaged and learning. And that should be true for all students. Contact Cradlepoint or its partners if you’re interested in learning more or watch the following video for details on the Cradlepoint solution for school buses.