IoT in Stores and Offices

Rolling out IoT in offices, stores, and other fixed locations is about solving problems and achieving more in new ways. Data can help improve customer service, safety, and operational efficiency in retail, restaurants, healthcare, smart buildings, and beyond. However, secure transport of IoT data from the edge of your organization’s network to the cloud hinges on reliable, flexible connectivity. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Branch with wireless edge routers and Bluetooth® wireless technology module enable the power of LTE and 5G in fixed locations without requiring a dedicated network — enabling you to accelerate additional IoT projects at the pace your business demands. Dedicated, secure cellular networks can quickly deploy IoT projects without impacting existing production networks.

Wireless edge solutions built for reliable IoT data transport — from Wi-Fi and bluetooth to cellular broadband to the cloud


Easily add IoT to existing fixed location infrastructure

With one wireless broadband solution for IoT, provide Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while supporting integrations with Azure, AWS, and other platforms — expediting deployment and minimizing infrastructure.


Simplify connectivity for seamless IoT data transport

Whether as a primary solution or a dedicated air-gapped network, use multi-WAN routers to improve edge-to-cloud connection reliability and optimize traffic paths across wired and wireless broadband links.


Centrally monitor and manage network performance and security

Control the reliability and security of your network solutions for IoT centrally through one cloud-based management platform.

Simplify IoT deployments with scalable wireless broadband solutions

  • Environmental sensing
  • Proximity marketing
  • Customer analytics
  • Contactless technologies
  • Occupancy monitoring
  • Patient care monitoring
  • Cold-chain monitoring
  • Digital signage

NetCloud Service for Branch

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Branch with enterprise-grade LTE and 5G routers and bluetooth modules provide secure, cloud-managed connectivity and easy integration with key IoT platforms, enabling your organization to quickly and efficiently roll out IoT deployments at scale within fixed stores and offices. With NetCloud Manager at your fingertips, your IT team can monitor network performance, control WAN and security configurations, and troubleshoot issues from anywhere.

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