Pop-Up Networks

Pop-up services have become vital across many industries — from seasonal stores and tax prep offices to election polling places and emergency response tents. Organizations can serve customers and do business in new places and ways, but pop-up services require a temporary network that is secure, easy to deploy, and can be monitored and managed from anywhere. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service, delivered through wireless edge routers, unlocks the power of LTE and 5G connectivity for an instant network anywhere, any time.

Quickly set up the LTE and 5G connectivity that temporary networks depend on


Have on-demand LTE and 5G access at the ready

Instantly set up flexible, secure WAN connectivity and cast Wi-Fi on the spot through plug-and-play wireless edge routers — without sending IT professionals on-site.


Ensure predictable costs, no matter the site

Standardizes your organization’s pop-up connectivity costs across the U.S. — relying on one or two network operators instead of a different wired ISP in every town.


Take comprehensive network security anywhere

Centrally control security and protect all types of data through one branch networking solution — including a firewall, easy VPN setup, content filtering, and IPS/IDS.

Pop-up networks enable the quick response every organization needs

  • Temporary command centers
  • Healthcare surge tents
  • Election polling places
  • Seasonal storefronts
  • Tax prep services
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale
  • Curbside pickup
  • Booths at large events

More than 32,000 branch, mobile, and IoT customers across 50+ countries rely on Cradlepoint.

NetCloud Service for Branch

NetCloud Service for Branch provides the enterprise capabilities that businesses need to connect all of their locations. Delivered through a variety of LTE and 5G enabled endpoints including routers and adapters, NetCloud provides enterprise-class reliability, manageability, and security — allowing cohesive management, at scale, at the converged LTE or 5G edge.

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