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Technology has completely changed the tools of law enforcement, as well as what the inside of a police vehicle looks like. This digital evolution has been accompanied by a new need: absolutely constant cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity in public safety fleet vehicles.

Watch our video to see firsthand how Axon Fleet 3 “puts the future on wheels” and seamlessly integrates with Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and mobile routers — providing first responder agencies with 24×7 access to the surveillance footage, license plate data, and other technologies that make it easier to keep officers and communities safe.


Cloud-based, centralized management of connectivity and security


Enterprise-grade networking


CJIS-compliant security


Industry-leading LTE and 5G cellular technology


Upgrade paths to dual-modem or 5G routers


More than 3,500+ public safety agencies, first responders, and Blue Light services across the world depend on Cradlepoint.