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Scalable mobile data IoT connectivity solutions for IT teams and system integrators

IoT means so many different things to organisations in every industry, as new devices and applications bolster efficiency and customer satisfaction from branch stores and offices to fleet vehicles and “smart cities.” IoT is spread all over the map, with an attack surface larger than ever. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service, delivered through a range of LTE and 5G routers built for diverse situations and spaces, enables the wireless IoT connectivity and enterprise-grade security necessary to push and pull valuable data to and from the cloud, the data centre, and users. IT and OT teams integrate routers with SaaS analytics platforms and manage connectivity and security  from anywhere  through one platform.

Unlock the power of LTE and 5G IoT in ways that drive your business forward.


Securely connect space-limited IoT using compact routers in lottery and ticket machines, cash machines, smart lockers, vending machines, and more.

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Digital Signage

Use ruggedised mobile data broadband routers of various sizes to connect and remotely manipulate digital signs on billboards and in smart kiosks, buses, stores, hospitals, and more.

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Video Surveillance

Detect and deter illegal activity and improve safety by using wireless edge solutions that support various live-streaming use cases and specific needs such as high bandwidth and edge computing.

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Smart City Infrastructure

Reliable WWAN solutions provide the always-on connectivity essential to successful smart city projects ranging from traffic control cabinets and built-in sensors to EV charging stations.

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Cloud-Managed Wireless Edge Solutions for IoT

Cradlepoint NetCloud Service — delivered through purpose-built LTE and 5G wireless edge routers — enables reliable mobile data IoT connectivity to harness the vast potential of agile IoT with undelayed deployments and unfettered innovation. Monitor and control network connectivity and security from anywhere through NetCloud Manager.


Have connection reliability with flexibility

Easily set up reliable mobile data IoT connectivity anywhere through Cradlepoint’s enterprise-grade routers featuring embedded LTE/5G modems. Ensure excellent performance and constant uptime through international mobile data providers.


Grow the edge and reduce risk simultaneously

Cradlepoint routers feature built-in, policy-based security with layers of additional options for reducing risk and the attack surface, no matter the size and scope of your digital transformation deployments. From agile VPNs to SASE and ZTNA, we’ve got you covered.


Deploy ruggedised routers built for any environment

Install IoT routers in networking scenarios ranging from remote industrial sites to vehicles and branch stores and offices while meeting all form factor, application, and protocol requirements  even when operating in harsh environmental conditions and confined spaces.


Centrally manage IoT routers and integrations

Rapidly deploy and scale secure, agile IoT routers through a single pane of glass with NetCloud Manager, which simplifies the monitoring, configuring, and troubleshooting of any number of wireless edge endpoints and software integrations.


Easily implement edge computing and key apps

From lightweight containers through SDK tools to key third-party solutions such as AWS IoT Greengrass, Microsoft Azure IoT Central, and SIM Management services, utilise extensibility through NetCloud to easily set up the IoT data visibility your business needs.


One platform for your entire network

Manage all your Cradlepoint LTE and 5G routers and adapters for IoT, fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, and more  through one cloud-based platform. Enforce consistent security policies, gain insights into data usage and billing trends, and provide a consistent user experience.

Cradlepoint will help your organisation

Find Your 5G

5G for business certainly isn’t "one size fits all." Variations in use cases, spectrum, and network operators abound. Find the 5G wireless networking experience best suited for your stores, offices, vehicles, and more.

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