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A dedicated, enterprise-class network where critical remote workers need one

For critical remote workers needing to work outside the office, connecting to the internet or crucial applications without compromising security is vital. Using advanced cellular wireless and cloud-based management, Cradlepoint delivers enterprise-class connectivity plus security to help mission-critical employees remain productive and protected outside the office. Instead of depending on solutions that rely on uneven levels of household networking equipment, Cradlepoint offers a secure, dedicated wireless connection that is fully isolated from the user’s uncontrollable home network.

Secure, Dedicated, Rapidly Deployed Networks for One

  • Work from home
  • Teach from home
  • Telehealth from home
  • Mission control from home
  • Portable networks
  • Network in a backpack or briefcase

Provide dedicated connectivity

Provide remote workers a highly available, dedicated Wireless WAN connection that avoids resource competition with other household devices. Integrate into your existing network with Cradlepoint’s enterprise-grade Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) routers to access the internet, corporate networks, and applications.


Reduce risk and minimize the attack surface

NetCloud for SOHO and routers offer policy-based, enterprise-class security that scales to any size of remote work network. Strengthen the overall security posture with corporate VPN, secure split tunneling, threat management, content filtering, and application firewall.


Centrally manage at scale

NetCloud Manager simplifies the management of thousands of remote workers from any location, often with no-to-limited incremental staff. Build and enforce consistent policies, plus use dashboards to monitor network health, security status, data usage, billing trends and more.


Deploy with zero-touch install

Rapidly deploy without home site visits or truck rolls.  Use day-1 and zero-touch deployment with pre-configured policies and security plus preinserted SIMs to speed installation. SOHO routers securely power on to automatically connect and install.


Control the user experience

Use application-aware and wireless-optimized SD-WAN functionality in NetCloud Service for SOHO set policies optimizing path selection based on critical criteria or by application. Use intelligent traffic steering across LTE WAN or hybrid networks for a consistent user experience.


Isolate work devices

Segment and isolate work devices — computers, printers, and more — from household networks and devices. A separate, dedicated WWAN network ensures high performance for key applications and provides a natural layer of asset and information protection.

Providing reliable bandwidth and security

A financial service firm needed to have mission-critical customer representatives work from homes and remote locations. Representatives needed to be able to have dedicated connectivity apart from home networks due to security and privacy regulations.

Additionally, these representatives needed their remote office to offer secure Wi-Fi, voice, and data with access to both corporate and cloud-based applications. These applications needed to run smoothly to offer the best experience when agents spoke with customers.

The firm recognized that the critical security requirements would surpass the capabilities offered by Mi-Fi, and that the dedicated network connection provided further segmentation benefits to isolate work assets. They chose Cradlepoint NetCloud for SOHO.

NetCloud Service for SOHO

NetCloud Service for SOHO provides cloud-managed capabilities to support a dedicated network to enable remote workers from anywhere. This cloud-based service permits zero-touch deployment, enables visibility with dashboards and delivers control at scale with group configurations, policy creation, distribution, and enforcement.

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